"Talkdesk has been a superb solution for our business. It was quick and easy to set up and adapt as ou..."
Darren Hart
Director of Sales
"We approach every interaction with the end-goal of earning lifetime customers through an exceptional..."
Matthew Holota
Director of Customer Experience
"My experience with Talkdesk so far has been easy. It’s user-friendly and that’s very satisfying for u..."
Francisco Lisboa
Head of Customer Support
"By using Talkdesk, we have increased our contact rates between 15% and 20% with the biggest increase..."
Morgan Eberoni
Vice President of Operations
"As you purchase a license, we were able to implement right away. So, almost right out of the box you..."
Greg Zalecki
Director of Sales Operations
"I would definitely recommend Talkdesk. They have a lot of different features and functionality that a..."
Spencer Petty
Manager, Supplier Operations
"The Talkdesk solution offers powerful tools that give me confidence that we are making informed decis..."
Trish Stines
Vice President of Client Services
"We came to Talkdesk because we were looking for something more than just a contact center solution. W..."
Zac Jacobson
VP of Member Support
"Our overall training process is two days, with Talkdesk training taking about 15 minutes of that time..."
Mike Zarzeka
Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Systems
"It took less than two days to get everyone, including our remote agents, trained on Talkdesk. Once ev..."
Justin Smith
Live Advice Manager
"Talkdesk’s integration with Salesforce is a crucial part of our mission to turn the process of buying..."
Justin Moyer
Business Operations Manager
"Given our remote team structure, we knew we needed a fully cloud-based system like Talkdesk...."
Ryan Kern
Director of Operations
"Through Talkdesk’s robust reporting, we’re able to make a lot of personnel decisions and track produc..."
Meagan Mckinnon
Head of Customer Experience
"Talkdesk has cleared a path for future innovation for us while ensuring that today’s needs are also a..."
Dale Sturgill
Vice President of Call Center Operations
"Talkdesk is a fantastic solution. I’d recommend it to any early stage startup wanting to setup custom..."
Brendan James
Director of Customer Service
"Tools like Talkdesk not only provide a better experience for the agents, but also provide a better ex..."
LaKeisha Square
Sr. Customer Experience Specialist

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