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Featured Customers connects you with users of 1000s of software products.

FeaturedCustomers.com is the #1 platform for discovering IT software and infrastructure through customer testimonials, success stories, case studies, and customer videos. With over 209,659 customer endorsements from some of the most recognized brands, FeaturedCustomers.com helps its prospective users make informed IT purchasing decisions. Our platform helps introduce a prospect to a product or service in the context of a successful implementation. We help a prospective IT buyer feel more comfortable by seeing trusted brands use the same product they are thinking of purchasing.

Founded in 2014, FeaturedCustomers.com works with over 1,000 enterprise vendors to generate new business leads. By showcasing their increase happy customers to our audience of prospective users and buyers, we help new user acquisition, market share and brand awareness for our vendors. Referrals that come through customer advocates — good old word-of-mouth recommendations — can lead to sales five times more often than typical leads.

You can reach FeaturedCustomers.com by calling (888) SOFTWARE or by mail to FeaturedCustomers.com, 14041 NW 8th St, Sunrise, FL 33325.