"I am 100% serious about this customer experience program. It’s going to be my legacy—to create a cust..."
Stephen Cannon
President & CEO
"In addition to its top-notch capabilities, Medallia has been a great partner. They are always looking..."
Armand Barone
Director of Customer Experience
"We have quite a wide spread of access to the Medallia system within Airbnb. One of the beauties of ha..."
Aisling Hassell
Head of Global Customer Experience
"At Western Union, we believe that our brand stands for customer trust, reliability and delivering on..."
David Thompson
Chief Technology Officer
"We all agree that our success as a business depends on two things: a sound understanding of our custo..."
Jim Pendergast
SVP, Global Customer Experience
"This enables our hotels to truly understand and connect with our guests as we strive to always exceed..."
Scott Taber
VP Rooms
"We set up a closed loop system where we’re not just listening to our customers, but we’re deeply unde..."
Dayton Semerjian
GM, Global Customer Success
"Medallia is very passionate about the CE space and walks with you through the experience. They’re not..."
Michael Dougherty
Department Manager, Customer Experience Metrics and Insights
"Macy’s has survived and thrived for 152 years. By adapting to the current demands of our customers, w..."
Terry Lundgren
"Medallia for us is the engine that makes the whole thing run; they provide the tools for us to easily..."
Tim Teran
SVP Consumer Insights & Strategy
"It’s not just data for us, it’s the closed-loop feedback system that our stores use every single day...."
Lynda Firey-Oldroyd
Senior Director, Consumer Research
"The progress is exciting but it’s only the beginning of our journey with Medallia. We have our sights..."
Rebecca Loevenguth
VP Customer Operations
"Only when we looked through the customers’ eyes could we find hidden issues, break down organizationa..."
Liuba Sabinina
Head of CE analytics and NPS Program Manager
"My primary goal is to create a cultural and ideological shift in Beeline: to transform the business m..."
Mikhail Slobodin
"I don’t really think about the data too much. I don’t have to worry about it. I know it will appear,..."
Wai Au
Director of Customer Experience
"The outcome in our industry normally depends on the frontline employees—doormen, bellmen, waiters, ma..."
Isadore Sharp
Founder and Chairman

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