"When General Motors rolled out Marchex Speech Analytics, we were amazed at the insights it provided...."
Jim Bechtell
"Partnering with Marchex to couple rich call analytics with Facebook’s own data is a significant step..."
Doug Weiss
Product Partnership Manager
"Marchex’s Account Management team has really helped to grow our program – for volume and for profitab..."
TJ Kolanko
Strategic Partnerships
"Marchex allows me to go back and contact a missed call which is otherwise revenue lost. I love the pr..."
Ingrid Colon
Practice Manager
"Our customers want to have multi-channel attribution, and DoubleClick allows us to have a central loc..."
Jim Halligan
Director of Paid Search
"I’ve listened to recorded calls from before and after activating Marchex’s technology. The redacted r..."
Brittany Whitlock
Director of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce
"We value call recordings to inform Sales and Marketing leadership. I’ve listened to many call recordi..."
Tom Garrett
VP Marketing
"The more we know about how our advertising campaigns impact our clients, the more effectively we can..."
Phillip Moore
Chief Executive Officer
"We have a number of clients using the service and listening to calls has helped them improve their ca..."
Hospitality Company
Senior Executive
"Marchex continues to be an integral business partner in our growth strategies. With their agility, cr..."
Hugo E. Gomez
Digital Marketing Director
"Marchex provides a call tracking solution that is innovative and robust: The platform is reliable and..."
Melissa Sinclair
Senior Vice President
"Much of our marketing efforts are aimed at getting customers to call—whether it’s to set an appointme..."
Leading Automotive Company
"To this point we have not run into something we couldn’t do with Marchex that we wanted to...."
Enterprise Real Estate Company
IT Manager
"Thanks to Marchex, we have completely re-imagined our optimization strategy to directly weight calls..."
Fortune 500 Financial Services Company
Head of Marketing
"For the first-time, we now have access to keyword-level call data, allowing our search marketing expe..."
Leading Digital Marketing Company
Digital Marketing Manager
"We are very excited about the P2 strategy that the Marchex in-house Search Team has implemented. Our..."
Major Wireless Providing Company

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