"I saw that LivePerson was more than a live chat solution. It could greatly expand our potential to en..."
Paul Nesbitt
Director, PAC Web Hosting Ltd
"Having a platform that is scalable and works well makes all the difference in the world...."
Sajid Hassan
CIO, Lifeline
"In an omnichannel world, live chat is something you need to have on your site just to be in the game...."
Milton Pappas
President, E-Commerce, Nine West Group
"With our limited resources, it’s very good that deployment doesn’t require much leg work from us...."
Sandie Ryan
Director, Customer Service, Nine West Group
"From beginning to the end, we were up and running in days, and the impact was both immediate and dram..."
Alan Matchett
Managing Director IPSL
"I expect that 30 percent of or conversations will be via mobile devices in a year...."
Gemma Gibson
Manager of Student Support, StraighterLine
"We optimized our website so we could discover the key times and places when customers were most likel..."
Janet Davila
E-Commerce Product Owner, Newark element14
"We saw that the digital marketing performance capabilities could help us put personalized messaging a..."
Kurt Gehring
Head of E-Commerce Operations
"It’s a great platform, and I really love having it. And I know it will scale to whatever we need in t..."
Michael Sullivan
Director, Mercer Online, Mercer County Community College
"When I inherited the program, I wasn’t sure where it would be a year later. But I’m very proud of wha..."
Lisa Foreman
Marketing Manager
"We’re hearing from our customers that this is an experience that they’re not finding anywhere else in..."
Jill Layfield
Chief Executive Officer
"LivePerson is our absolute favorite, and there’s a reason for it. They’re always reachable, they know..."
Lawton Ursrey
"This is the digital version of what customers love about visiting a physical store...."
Gary Wheelhouse
Chief Digital Officer
"We truly delivered an outstanding product at the end of the day...."
Louise Tovey
General Manager
"Never forget about the human side of digital. Technology is moving really fast, but especially in the..."
Angelo d’Alessandro
"As we add new customers every day, we are scaling our operations quickly, and are achieving incredibl..."
Marco Puccioni
Head of Concierge

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