"Based on our experience, LinkedIn is one of the biggest professional networks today. It has definitel..."
Richa Telang
Recruitment Channels Manager Greater Asia Region
"AppSense is an evolving, growing business and the ability to fill complex roles effectively is vital..."
Kerry Farren
Global Talent Manager
"LinkedIn adds significant value for me, our recruiters and our business, by helping us do more with l..."
Peter Moore
Sony Electronics
"We are now a centre of excellence and a role model for other parts of the globe and a critical part o..."
Andrew Grier
Recruitment Manager
"Talent Pipeline is helping us build living talent pools. I want to know the person, not just the care..."
Dawn Mitchell
Senior Talent Acquisition Partner
"More recently, a top talent with international e-commerce experience from Silicon Valley joined SingP..."
Joanna Yeoh
Vice President of Talent Management
"LinkedIn is the standout social media platform, and it’s the engine powering our social media strateg..."
Marcus Lynch
Founder and Director
"Marc’s email got the ball rolling and the sales team’s efforts resulted in a 60 percent increase in s..."
Kate Israels
Program Manager, Talent Acquisition
"Behind every famous face there are hundreds of others, all doing their bit to make things happen...."
Catherine Schlieben
Head of Recruitment
"LinkedIn is the most powerful recruiting tool I’ve used for international recruiting...."
Sara Fox
International Recruiter
"We’ve had a lot of success with LinkedIn, especially after we realised we can use it for more than j..."
Annemieke Coveliers
Recruitment Consultant
"We’ve got to gain trust through our brand for people to transition to work for us...."
Adam Schirmer
Group Marketing and Communications Manager
"LinkedIn Talent Solutions is far more powerful than just a sourcing tool. It’s also a platform you ca..."
Scott MacDonald
Chief Operating Officer
"Our priority moving into 2018 is to continue providing exceptional service with data-driven, personal..."
Eamon Collins
Group Marketing Director
"Engaged employee ambassadors are an effective method of content distribution to our online community..."
Matt Mowlam
Group Digital Director
"As leading edge recruitment involves more branding and content, it is essential that HR & Marketing w..."
Leah Eggen
HR Manager

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