"We’ve been looking for several years for a customer service platform that lets us streamline our conv..."
Trey Granger
"It is not just a helpdesk with a bunch of buttons. Freshdesk is now a part of PosterGully, helping us..."
Bharat Sethi
"Using Freshdesk has improved our service. Customers can rate our responses - this allows us to track..."
Elliot Lees-Bell
Founder & MD
"When I first took over the Support Team, our ability to do first responses and resolve tickets was no..."
Floyd Derry
Technical Operations Manager
"I am eager for new things, new changes in the product but I am not eager to change the support produc..."
Jeremy Mitchell
"Online documentation researched during the evaluation period led me to believe that the set up would..."
Bernadette Garcia
Assistant Director, (CEOP)
"Prior to Freshdesk, we had no real way to track metrics. Now, with the help of reports from Freshdesk..."
George Cremeans
Lead QA/Automation Engineer
"Call queue and reporting were immediately helpful. They gave us real-time visibility into what was go..."
Craig Douglas
Sr. Director of Operations
"Freshdesk makes it easier for us to manage customer information and service requests. It also present..."
Alex Nadeau
Senior Client Manager
"In Freshdesk, I didn’t have to jump around to 30 different places to set it up. It was all right ther..."
Debbie McCormick
Director of Technical Support Systems
"Our company was able to start using Freshdesk immediately and setting everything up took less than tw..."
Alin Florea
House of I.T.
"Freshdesk has made our goal of providing world class customer support to small business customers a r..."
Daniel Jones
SB Wire
"Freshdesk has made our goal of providing world class customer support to small business customers a r..."
Daniel Jones
"Freshdesk allows us to provide world-class customer support - no delays, no lost e-mails or forgotten..."
Marcin Kurylak
"There were delays in attending to critical events and tickets, with no defined escalation matrix. The..."
Merrill Micu
IT Infrastructure Specialist
"The number of representatives in the team versus the number of mailboxes to be supported versus the i..."
Kimberly Matura
Manager, Customer Experience

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