"When we introduced eGain KnowledgeAgent, it put us in control of the call. We dictated the pace of th..."
Rob Hudson
Customer Service Manager, Barclays Business Banking
"eGain KnowledgeAgent has proved to be the single largest contributor to the operational efficiency th..."
Mike Costello
"The original business case called for... a five percent reduction in handset exchanges. What we’ve ac..."
Jason Tye
Knowledge Manager, Virgin Mobile
"Enabling customers to implement in a staged manner is a very important approach in today’s economic e..."
Mary Wardley
Program Director CRM
"Obviously, eGain has moved way beyond ERMS, now offering a full suite of ‘best of breed’ eService too..."
John Ragsdale
VP of Research
"The eGain team was excellent. It paid attention to all our user requirements, provided excellent supp..."
Brad Hillebrand
Director of Enterprise Technology
"eGain’s professional services team worked closely with us to develop the linking code...."
Alan Postlethwaite
Call Centre’s Technical Infrastructure
"eGain’s professional services organization demonstrated deep knowledge about customer service process..."
Ginger Carson
Bell Aliant’s Group Leader
"We have to continue to offer a unique experience and a differentiated service, but do so at a very ec..."
John Elliott
Head of Customer Operations
"We went through a fairly full evaluation of all the providers in the market place and felt eGain’s co..."
Andrew Ralston
Customer Relationship Director
"The one thing you can’t put a finger on is trust. But we got that with eGain. It’s our customer facin..."
Global Imaging Giant
Director of Information Management
"When we actually took a deeper look at our metrics for quality we realized that we were sending 1 in..."
Leading Manufacturer of Doors and Windows Designs Company
Business Consultant and Contact Center Manager
"Our agents, and ultimately customers, benefit from the fast guidance to answers, enabled by eGain Kno..."
Financial Services BPO
"eGain shines in both traditional features and newer market trends alike. eGain provides the best web..."
Tim Hickernell
Customer Service Knowledge Management Suites
"Adding new customer contact channels can complicate interaction management as a result of cross-chann..."
Tim Hickernell
Senior Program Director
"The eGain project team helped us implement multichannel in a timely manner...."
US-Based Insurance and Financial Services Group
Supervisor of Contact Center Projects

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