"[The CallRail-Salesforce integration] helps us target how we focus our campaigns and make sure we’re..."
Ryan Horton
digital project manager
"One of our big challenges is accuracy with this kind of multi-touch attribution. This treatment can b..."
Drew Paxton
chief strategy officer
"When implemented with our clients, call tracking has yielded up to 2x’s as many leads since it captur..."
Gavin Baker
"And after listening to more calls and reviewing the relevant analytics in CallRail, we can figure out..."
Samantha Leppla
account manager
"Most importantly for us as an agency, the data from CallRail meant we didn’t have to sit on our hands..."
Michael Anderson
"Our digital marketing agency highly recommended CallRail as a comprehensive solution with easy integr..."
Connor Cranford
Marketing Director
"Without so much data coming into our organization thanks to CallRail, we’d be much less informed when..."
Richard Marginson
Manager, Communications and Digital
"Our clients want results. They want to see the ROI of their ad spend and CallRail helps us to do that..."
Brittany Ford
Sales Account Executive
"Before CallRail my clients were basically in the dark about what was going on over the phone and wher..."
Mark P. Sullivan
"I’m really impressed with their support. They’re very responsive and proactive in helping me customiz..."
Craig Brooksby
"The biggest thing CallRail brings to the table is a qualitative assessment of our online conversions...."
Brian Thackston
Director of Content and Marketing
"It’s a fantastic tool we can use hear the calls coming in and study how the sales team is talking to..."
Marc Fishman
"At the end of the day, there’s only one question on most of our clients’ minds: Did I get more leads..."
Chase Buckner
"CallRail enables us to provide that much more value. Not only can we quantify leads and show clients..."
David Forster
"With insight into which leads are valuable, we’re able to lower acquisition costs, while proving to o..."
Ross Kaplan-Winn
Search Engine Marketing Manager
"We loved the functionality of GeckoBoard, a popular reporting consolidation tool, and the fact that i..."
Matt Coffy

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