"And after listening to more calls and reviewing the relevant analytics in CallRail, we can figure out..."
Samantha Leppla
account manager
"One of VPP’s core values is ‘trust, integrity, and transparency’ and we seek to provide our partner h..."
Aura Mastraghin
Senior Marketing Manager
"With CallRail, it’s very easy to jump in and see what is going on with the inbound calls for a partic..."
Tony Lael
Partner and Marketing Strategist
"Before CallRail my clients were basically in the dark about what was going on over the phone and wher..."
Mark P. Sullivan
"Data Analytics and metrics are changing the way businesses operate. CallRail has staked out an import..."
Joshua Jones
Senior Partner
"With that visibility, we can either continue the campaign, or cut it off, if it’s not meeting our acq..."
Brian Becker
Vice President
"CallRail helps us better understand our products, our customer interactions and what’s happening thro..."
David Gallmeier
Marketing and Development
"It’s a fantastic tool we can use hear the calls coming in and study how the sales team is talking to..."
Marc Fishman
"We loved the functionality of GeckoBoard, a popular reporting consolidation tool, and the fact that i..."
Matt Coffy
"It’s awesome, and not only has this saved a lot of time, it has made our marketing so much more effec..."
Maxim Poliakov
Digital Marketing Manager
"If you’re doing direct-response and you have no idea what’s working and what isn’t, you’re going to b..."
Rafe Malach
"We had about 120 people in the building at the time, and some of them had already been evacuated by f..."
Chris Harper
Vice President of Communications
"If we didn’t have call tracking, we’d be completely blind to what return we’re delivering. Without ca..."
Paul Hanney
"We were using CallSource before, and they were fine. We went to a marketing conference and one of the..."
Steve Bradford
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
"CallRail was our first choice for call tracking due to its powerful features, ease of use, and integr..."
Sean Tibor
Founder and Principal Consultant
"We’ve used CallRail for a large number of our clients. Using CallRail to measure call conversions is..."
Dev Basu
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