"You can imagine the value that this research has had on the company’s social media marketing efforts...."
Wendy Scherer
Managing Partner
"The boom in social media isn’t over, and there are always brands looking for a new agency every day...."
Tim Grimes
Strategy Manager, Mycleveragency
"One of the challenges the Vizia platform helps us tackle is turning complex information into somethin..."
Patricia Medina
Grupo Bimbo
"Whenever we find an opportunity thanks to Brandwatch, the creative team goes inside the Vector Lab an..."
Elizabeth Juárez
Creative Director
"At Bimbo we will continue to work with Brandwatch as our innovation partner, both at business and com..."
Ricardo Ibarra
Marketing Manager
"It’s so important for us to amplify the message beyond the room. We really value and utilize social m..."
Michael Oakes
Head of Programmes
"It’s a huge benefit to know where the parents and children are coming from and what they care about m..."
Megan Evans
"We use Brandwatch to get a pulse of the conversation - whether it be around a specific brand or topic..."
Jacob Chavis
"We love our industry, and we want to nurture that same love of aviation. Re-purposing user-generated..."
Beth Moreland
Manager of Social Media Insights
"Audiences is the stand out new addition to our suite of proprietary and third party tools. When we us..."
Pete Morgan
VP Demand
"We used Brandwatch Analytics to set up a Query based around the campaign. It allowed us to immediatel..."
Andrew Salter
Co-Founder & Executive Producer, Check One Two
"The Brandwatch set up was great as it didn’t involve too much customization. The insights we needed w..."
Fortune 500 Tech Company
Senior Digital Strategist
"If you look forward five years, you’re going to be in a space where there are going to be massive, gl..."
Tim Armstrong
"With awareness as our primary objective, we needed to partner with a vendor that really understood wh..."
Simon Salter
Co-Founder & Executive Producer
"Brandwatch helps us measure how many people are currently talking about an issue. This allows us to g..."
Priscilla Chok
Digital Marketing Manager
"This research effectively matched our own internal insights and traffic data exactly, which set the t..."
Tim Grimes
Platform Manager

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