"Undoubtedly their biggest achievement was watching every minute of the show, and live-tweeting along..."
Sam Diamond
Head Of Brand, Gumtree
"With the success of the campaign, Brandwatch is a valuable tool we will continue to use. It feels lik..."
Krystle Lampshire
Digital Marketing, Comic Relief
"You can imagine the value that this research has had on the company’s social media marketing efforts...."
Wendy Scherer
Managing Partner
"The conversations on the social web have immense value. If a Sparkassen ATM is broken, for example, w..."
Alexander Hauser
Head of Online Marketing, Sparkassen-Finanzportal GmbH
"I’m a big fan of Brandwatch – Their excellent technical support is coupled with an extremely efficien..."
Richard Kemp
Social Media Manager, LateRooms.com
"We want to know the public’s reaction, but also see how they interact with the campaign. Being able t..."
Lindsay Mccallum
Global Communication Manager
"Comparing how successful our different campaigns are from one year to the other will allow us to impr..."
Peggy Nahmany
VP Director Of Communication
"It’s a huge benefit to know where the parents and children are coming from and what they care about m..."
Megan Evans
"We can configure Brandwatch according to our needs and start an in-depth analysis when necessary. Var..."
Ibrahim Ghubbar
Online Marketing Manager
"Brandwatch Audiences helped me to quickly identify and understand my brand’s target audience within m..."
Linda Hoeberigs
Data Scientist
"Brandwatch Analytics is the perfect fit. It's easy to set up, it's reliable, and most importantly it..."
Ben Donker
Social Media Analyst
"One of the challenges the Vizia platform helps us tackle is turning complex information into somethin..."
Patricia Medina
Grupo Bimbo
"Whenever we find an opportunity thanks to Brandwatch, the creative team goes inside the Vector Lab an..."
Elizabeth Juárez
Creative Director
"At Bimbo we will continue to work with Brandwatch as our innovation partner, both at business and com..."
Ricardo Ibarra
Marketing Manager
"The Vizia/Brandwatch Listening Hub at Inter IKEA Systems allows key IKEA stakeholders to gain fuller..."
Hans Garner
Digital Development
"Brandwatch is whatever you want it to be. If I want to use Brandwatch to inform B2B content, to look..."
Jeff Melton
Executive Managing Director

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