"Thanks to Atlassian, we’ve been growing every day and developing state-of-the-art products...."
Philip Portnoy
Head of Business Solutions Software Development
"We use Atlassian for everything. We rely on Atlassian from the moment an exhibition is conceptualized..."
Dan Collins
CTO & Head of Digital and Media
"There was a dramatic dip in email support. Previously we were doing 95% email support. Now it's only..."
Alex Stillings
IT manager
"JIRA Service Desk has given us simpler, cleaner forms, better reporting, and one centralized area for..."
Katie Balkham
Commercial Operations Manager, Friday Media Group
"We use Atlassian a lot. Everything is in HipChat, JIRA, and Confluence...."
Danny Baute
Head of IT Services
"The full Atlassian integration has dramatically improved our processes and productivity...."
Michael Johnson
Head of the Change and Release Management Groups
"JIRA Service Desk has revolutionized how we do IT. We're dealing with 236% more tickets with only a 6..."
Michael Hall
Business Tools Squad Leader
"Everywhere in our business we use JIRA. We’re JIRA born and bred...."
Leon Wurfel
Founder and Managing Director
"Atlassian fosters a DevOps culture by bringing teams together and allowing for natural collaboration...."
Jonathan Fretheim
Sr. Software Engineer
"When fighting cancer, every second counts. Thanks to the integration between Jira Service Desk and Hi..."
Dave Wehr
IT Support Manager
"The Atlassian stack helps us deliver the best healthcare possible...."
Sara Wajnberg
Technology Operations
"With JIRA Service Desk, we can move at the speed of the industry, support our customers, and deliver..."
Carol Johnson
Heade of Services Delivery And Operations
"More impressive, was how easy JIRA Service Desk was to configure. In the past, we spent months config..."
Ryan Meintjes
Technical Services Officer
"With nearly 16,000 users, 2,500+ projects, and 1.3+ million issues, we're using Atlassian products at..."
Armin Mayrhofer
Product Manager
"The difference is amazing, and our productivity has skyrocketed. Now, everything can be visualized, r..."
Leslie Benito
CIO and Director of Technical Services
"With Atlassian, we've increased efficiency by about 33% and improved visibility and morale. Now work..."

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