"ZoomInfo helped us create custom campaigns segmented by geographic region, market segment, title, and..."
Denny Marlin
Vice President of Marketing
"With access to direct dial phone numbers, our sales team is now 30% more likely to reach decision mak..."
Kate Sarkissian
Senior Manager, Database Marketing
"Without ZoomInfo we’d be spending far more time researching this information and updating our CRM man..."
Dwight Griesman
"ZoomInfo provided us with accurate and targeted data, which helped us significantly decrease the numb..."
Jay Webb
"ZoomInfo’s accurate data allowed the sales team to spend more time selling and less time researching...."
Sean Goldie
Senior Segment Marketing Manager
"ZoomInfo has helped the sales team at IBISWorld become more efficient and effective in their prospect..."
Isaac Satten
Client Services Manager
"I consider ZoomInfo Pro to be my silent partner. I prospect new clients all day long – ZoomInfo Pro c..."
Richard Erb
VP, Business Development, CrossTech Media
"The level of detail we get from ZoomInfo’s data gives us a better understanding of a client’s organiz..."
Pierre Bouchard
Director Sales, Linkage
"Using ZoomInfo has allowed my team and me to increase our pipelines and spend more time on the phone..."
Nick Shultz
Field Director
"I have been able to pinpoint a handful of contacts to meet very specific criteria with much success,..."
Jeremy Poore
Director of Business Development
"ZoomInfo is a market changer. It’s the only place that has large amounts of reliable data, and it’s u..."
David Perry
Perry-Martel International
"Compared to Jigsaw, ZoomInfo’s data is much more up-to-date. In fact, ZoomInfo has a higher accuracy..."
Scott Hobin
Critical Asset Market Specialist, Hula Networks
"ZoomInfo’s business data is the best I’ve used. Our email bounce rate with ZoomInfo data is only 3.5..."
Bryan Poss
Senior Marketing Director, netFactor
"In a world where customer care is lacking, ZoomInfo excels. We did thorough investigation and compari..."
Richard Andersen
Senior Managing Partner/CEO, Goldstar Global
"We are definitely targeting people more accurately with ZoomInfo. The emails we send and the marketin..."
David Doucette
President, CEO, Creative Computing Inc.
"We were able to decrease our cycle close time, increase deal size, and have a positive impact on emai..."
Courtney Wiley
Vice President of Marketing

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