"The level of detail we get from ZoomInfo’s data gives us a better understanding of a client’s organiz..."
"ZoomInfo provided us with accurate and targeted data, which helped us significantly decrease the numb..."
"I have been able to pinpoint a handful of contacts to meet very specific criteria with much success,..."
"I consider ZoomInfo Pro to be my silent partner. I prospect new clients all day long – ZoomInfo Pro c..."
"Without ZoomInfo we’d be spending far more time researching this information and updating our CRM man..."
"ZoomInfo is consistently updating their candidate database to include accurate contact information an..."
"ZoomInfo has saved me a ton of time when finding contact info. Instead of going to multiple places to..."
"Using ZoomInfo has allowed my team and me to increase our pipelines and spend more time on the phone..."
"ZoomInfo has helped the sales team at IBISWorld become more efficient and effective in their prospect..."
"ZoomInfo’s data is superior to the competition and is accurate 90% of the time...."
"ZoomInfo helped us create custom campaigns segmented by geographic region, market segment, title, and..."
"ZoomInfo’s accurate data allowed the sales team to spend more time selling and less time researching...."
"I have used ZoomInfo for over three years. It’s one of the highest value-producing tools we use. I wo..."
"ZoomInfo is a market changer. It’s the only place that has large amounts of reliable data, and it’s u..."
"ZoomInfo is the fastest way to find prospects and narrow our searches. I couldn't do my job without i..."
"In a world where customer care is lacking, ZoomInfo excels. We did thorough investigation and compari..."

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