"Customers always told us that this type of in-app help is their most preferred way of receiving help...."
Paresh Naik
Senior Manager
"Great product, has really helped us reduce unnecessary contacts. Easy to use and implement. Great, at..."
Bryce Kalvin Chaikin
Integration Specialist
"Whatfix has provided our company with an interactive tool to assist our internal sales reps, with mul..."
Kate Houser
Senior Sales Operations
"Whatfix helps our students start utilizing our digital library with absolute ease with their interact..."
Daniel Bourrion
Head of Digital Library
"Whatfix has made it super simple for us to incorporate helpful visual walk-throughs into our knowledg..."
Abbie Albright
Director - Ent Product Mgmt
"Thank you for a great product! Whatfix has really helped our support team come up with some great flo..."
Vedant Singhania
Software Engineer
"Whatfix is excellent. It gives us the means to easily, effectively, and unobtrusively communicate to..."
Adam Shapiro
Senior Business Analyst
"Whatfix is very informative and easy to use. Impactful to business process and reduce a lot of headco..."
Justin Ong Jia Hon
Senior Associate, Regional Seller Training
"Whatfix combines an excellent easy-to-use solution with a very short implementation time with a flexi..."
Steven Vastenhoud
Business Process Manager
"With Whatfix, our training and documentation effort has gone down by upto 60%. While creation and upd..."
Juergen Bonifarth
CRM Support
"We have a lot of variables in place that affects our new sales. But, ever since we implemented Whatfi..."
Genie Parker
Chief Operating Officer
"Sales reps use many applications and we were looking for ways to make it easy for them to use those e..."
Swarup Shastri
Head of Sales Systems, Global Sales Enablement
"Our experience with Whatfix overall was heavily positive. From the initial sales inquiry and feature..."
Aaron St. George
Chief Innovation Officer
"Walsworth was looking for tools to ease our transition to a new CRM. Whatfix was the right choice to..."
Alex Blackwell
Vice President, Marketing & Communication
"Top vendor, great solution! With a heavily customised Salesforce instance and multicultural processes..."
Lee Glenn
Senior Specialist, Global CRM Training
"I realized the value whilst at home on my iPhone. Pretty much every app installed walks me through ho..."
Phil Walley
Sales Operations Manager

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