"We’ve seen a really positive reaction to our implementation of WalkMe. Our agents love to show custom..."
Isaac Acuna
Communications Coordinator at Hostgator.com
"WalkMe for Salesforce has helped us increase adoption for our global deployment...."
Peter Lynch
VP of Global Operations & Technology at Western Union
"Successful, initial experiences with our App has led to marked increases in long term user engagement..."
Laura Moore
"WalkMe is such a great service – it has actually managed to save us 50 percent on support representat..."
Ron Daniel
CEO, Planet Soho
"WalkMe guides the user inside the solution, not outside of it. It is available everywhere, and it is..."
Jan Ståle Gjerding
Product Manager
"WalkMe reduced incoming support ticket requests, significantly heightened user engagement, enabled fa..."
Adele Sanchez
Director of Training and Support
"This interactive guidance tool is perfect in allowing customers to take advantage of all the function..."
Ido Fridman
VP, Marketing, Dominos Pizza, Israel
"WalkMe allows everyone to see the benefit of the feature before they start using the feature. My supp..."
Manuel Medina
"The biggest impact for Ytel when using the WalkMe technology is the ability to “walk” the customer to..."
Nick Newsom
CEO, Ytel
"WalkMe is so easy to implement and even easier for my customers to use; it has made a real difference..."
Gil Mesterman
VP, Marketing, iOption
"After seeing what WalkMe had to offer, it’s been a saviour for me. We love WalkMe!..."
Kelli Lewis
Salesforce Administrator
"We have a lot of users with different technological backgrounds and diverse needs. WalkMe was the sol..."
Oren Ezra
VP Marketing
"WalkMe has been an excellent tool to use to help our users. The tools are very user friendly, and the..."
Brianna Barron
Inteserv Database Coordinator
"When we looked at the heat map of customer use, we were able to see that they were heavily using the..."
Nancy Rivas
Social Media & Communications Strategist
"Remote learning platforms such as WalkMe will decrease our time-to-competency and allow us to introdu..."
Ryan Spangler
Operations Manager
"As a customer relationship management and marketing automation tool, MDC DOT’s core demographic is a..."
Yunchin Kim
Customer Experience Manager, MyDigitalClients, LLC

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