"We’ve seen a really positive reaction to our implementation of WalkMe. Our agents love to show custom..."
Isaac Acuna
Communications Coordinator at
"We have reduced our onboarding time about 30% since implementing WalkMe. We’ve also been able to trai..."
Johnny Page
Customer Success Enthusiast
"Successful, initial experiences with our App has led to marked increases in long term user engagement..."
Laura Moore
"We have a lot of users with different technological backgrounds and diverse needs. WalkMe was the sol..."
Oren Ezra
VP Marketing
"The benefits we continue to see from WalkMe are tremendous: user onboarding times have decreased dram..."
Nadia Basil
Product Marketing Manager
"We chose WalkMe™ to simplify our training process, reduced average time to competence of our employee..."
Mike Martin
Director of Training
"Our users tell us that ParentMail is much more user friendly, and that navigating the system is quick..."
Geoff Jones
Marketing Director
"Not only has the product been as good as advertised, the support offered by the customer success team..."
Ryan Shiba
Learning and Development Manager
"WalkMe helped our users significantly increase the number and the quality of users' profiles in our s..."
Liran Kotzer
CEO, DoNanza
"After seeing what WalkMe had to offer, it’s been a saviour for me. We love WalkMe!..."
Kelli Lewis
Salesforce Administrator
"We also added the WalkMe application, which literally shows you how to use any feature in the system...."
Barry Friedman
CEO, HomeActions
"WalkMe is a key tool in helping our users understand these features and how to make the best and most..."
Aaron Bloom
Operations Associate, Practice Fusion
"WalkMe for Salesforce has helped us increase adoption for our global deployment...."
Peter Lynch
VP of Global Operations & Technology at Western Union
"WalkMe has allowed us to onboard customers faster and even flatten their learning curve. Our customer..."
Ammon Curtis
Product Manager, Platform, Infusionsoft
"WalkMe is way better than manuals (who wants to read bullet points of 'do this' and 'do that'?) and b..."
Dror Weinstein
"The new ParentMail system looks so impressive, but it is also incredibly intuitive and clever, which..."
Nikki Pell
Administration Officer, Bruton Primary School

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