"We’ve seen a really positive reaction to our implementation of WalkMe. Our agents love to show custom..."
Isaac Acuna
Communications Coordinator
"We were seeking ways to increase scalability of our support operations and drive adoption of critical..."
Sarah Cairns
Initiative Manager
"WalkMe is such a great service – it has actually managed to save us 50 percent on support representat..."
Ron Daniel
CEO, Planet Soho
"WalkMe helped our users significantly increase the number and the quality of users' profiles in our s..."
Liran Kotzer
Chief Executive Officer
"I would definitely recommend WalkMe to anyone who is looking in to a performance support or in-app tr..."
Kiran Patwardhan
Senior Product Education Associate
"We chose WalkMe to simplify our training process, reduced average time to competence of our employees..."
Mike Martin
Director of Training
"We're in the middle of launching several new products and getting us up to speed with your LMS and gr..."
Andrew Reagan
Training Content Manager
"We found that the number of calls to the call center was dramatically reduced because we leveraged Wa..."
Tracey Metzger
Senior Manager RBC Express
"We utilized WalkMe as a training and communications tool for a recent SAP employee self-service relea..."
Sonya Shropshire
Learning Performance and Systems Manager
"WalkMe Mobile allows us to achieve real-time in-app content design and deployment, drive user feedbac..."
Carmit Dotan
Chief Executive Officer
"As a hyper-growth company, the ability to scale is of utmost importance for our long term success. Wa..."
Rossi Khoung
Head of Customer Success
"WalkMe has been an excellent tool to use to help our users. The tools are very user friendly, and the..."
Brianna Barron
Inteserv Database Coordinator
"Remote learning platforms such as WalkMe will decrease our time-to-competency and allow us to introdu..."
Ryan Spangler
Operations Manager
"WalkMe is being used to cut our learning curve in half. Our support team has seen a double-digit decr..."
India Anderson
Quality Program Manager
"As a customer relationship management and marketing automation tool, MDC DOT’s core demographic is a..."
Yunchin Kim
Customer Experience Manager, MyDigitalClients, LLC
"Helping our customers be successful is our number one priority at Truckstop.com. We have received wor..."
Nate Rowlan
Training Manager

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