"Not only have we seen a 104% increase in engagements on Twitter since we ran our campaign, but the ne..."
Whitney Porter
Sr. Marketing Manager
"The main objective for our Twitter campaigns was to acquire new customers, but we were able to gain n..."
Jake Kassan
"The way that Twitter transmits messages is very pure. Access to the people is much more direct and yo..."
Luiza Lagedo Trindade
Web Product Manager
"Twitter Promoted Trends allowed us to own the conversation and position ‘Alien: Covenant’ as a cultur..."
Scott Bishoff
Vice President Digital Media
"Universal Music Group has found audience insights from Twitter data to be a great source of informati..."
Jimmy Gatsos
Social & Ad Manager
"At Volvo, we’re constantly looking to innovate and evolve. This includes testing new units and creati..."
John Militello
Director of Marketing Innovation & Strategy
"Being able to deliver a campaign that was so in line with core BHF messaging, but in a way that was c..."
Jo Eden
Senior Social Media Executive
"The objective was to create awareness about our sponsorship and to convey the excitement of the Toyot..."
Tarek Metwally
Head of Digital
"There is no better way to communicate with our brand ambassadors and their audiences than Twitter Ads..."
Orlando Rios
Online Marketing Manager
"Twitter is a real tool for engaging people and generating experiences. That is why we integrate the p..."
Valérie Candeiller
Advertising Director
"Twitter First View allowed us to reach everyone in the UK. We were also able to ensure our message wa..."
Tom Lavelle
Head of Digital Campaigns
"Our guests don’t get a quicker response tweeting to our Hilton Help (@hiltonhelp) Twitter account. We..."
Vanessa Sain-Dieguez
Social Business Lead & Strategist
"Customer service is another form of hospitality. Twitter is a huge shift in the importance of social..."
Joshua Sloser
VP of Digital Product and Innovation
"Using the combination of Twitter First View, Promoted Trend, and a custom branded emoji allowed us un..."
Beth Reilly
Head of Global Media and Consumer Engagement
"First View gave us reach into most of the Saudi community on Twitter. What’s more, the Conversational..."
Tariq Samih Zahra
Head of Social Media
"This was the first time we used Twitter for such a large-scale campaign and we are really happy with..."
Michael Jud
Online Marketing Manager

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