"Unfavorable reviews have helped us address customer issues and questions immediately, which gives us..."
Lynell Brown
Special Orders Manager
"By pre-tagging reviews, we were able to see which store customer reviews referred to, allowing us to..."
Kim D. Jacobsen
eCommerce and Marketing
"Choosing the right removal company is an important decision as your chosen company is responsible for..."
Joe Rowntree
Senior Internet Marketing Consultant
"I am convinced that having seller ratings and real world reviews has a significant impact on our conv..."
Mark Chen
VP of Product
"Trustpilot has helped us to put customer experience centre stage, and has helped potential customers..."
Phoebe Ellis-Rees
Online Content Manager
"The reviews we receive are massively important to, not only our online business, but also our bricks..."
Allan Green
Head of Ecommerce
"Trustpilot Business really stood out when we were researching a vendor for our online reviews back in..."
Peter Lilley
"I was not expecting when we started with Trustpilot the positive impact it was going to have on our c..."
Matt Sand
VP of Marketing
"Our dedicated account representatives do an amazing job of keeping our customers happy and coming bac..."
Ryan Alovis
"Featuring a Trustpilot widget on landing pages for paid search establishes credibility for new users..."
Dean Eldridge
Paid Search Manager
"We use these reviews for immediate feedback and communication with customers, to identify opportuniti..."
Leah Sanchez
Brand Manager
"For us, we saw that if we were to compete in the market, Trustpilot customer reviews are an essential..."
James Kinsella
Founding Director
"Being able to see the positive feedback we get from our customers just reinforces one of our most co..."
Adam Ward
Sales Account Manager
"Trustpilot’s integration with Shopify Plus means our reviews strategy is closely aligned with our eCo..."
Patrick Bissen
Chief Executive Officer
"Using Trustpilot has also helped us to enhance our brand reputation; our customers can see the volume..."
Laura Whiting
Digital Content Manager
"Our commitment to making our customers happy has always been the backbone of our business. We feel th..."
Michael Bates
Chief Brand and People Officer

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