"We saw Trustpilot as a forward-thinking company like ours – one with which we could integrate deeply...."
Josh Lipton
VP of Technology
"The steady stream of feedback our Trustpilot reviews provide have enabled us to clearly see areas of..."
Jeanette DeHay
Product Manager
"The credibility of customer reviews was the biggest reason for using Trustpilot. To have other people..."
Letitia Smith
Marketing Manager
"Trustpilot has been a great investment that has enabled us to easily share why customers love us. Fro..."
Christina Moran
Digital Acquisition Manager
"People recognise Trustpilot as a trusted brand, which gives them added reassurance they are choosing..."
Chris Stevenson
Digital Marketing Manager
"Join Trustpilot. There is a commercial gain to be had by engaging with your customers. Don’t be afrai..."
Josh Pitman
Marketing Manager
"Reviews are a great source of insight around what customers like (and occasionally don't like) about..."
Alistair Hardy
Digital Marketing Manager
"Trustpilot has helped us get an increase in new customers as on-site reviews boost customer confidenc..."
Kevin Sadler-Kean
Customer Service Manager
"Working with Trustpilot has enabled our customers to advocate for us, allowing us to better position..."
Richard Obousy
"Since putting the reviews on our website, there have been increased click-through rates. The reviews..."
Joe Sherman
Head of Customer Acquisition and Retention
"Word-of-mouth marketing is extremely important to selling our product. Showing reviews directly in ou..."
Matt Talmage
Director of Marketing
"Our Trustpilot Review Star Rating icon in our header speaks volumes about our ''trustworthiness" and..."
Vamsi Kumar Kotla
"When sending marketing e-mails, we believe including our Trustpilot Review Star Rating icon in our he..."
Jillian Lore
Digital Marketing Specialist
"People who see our marketing are going to look for 4 Pillars reviews. It’s clockwork. And 75% of thos..."
Troy Tisserand
Co-founder and Managing Director
"The biggest mistake you can make is to dismiss a bad review and fail to act upon it. By doing so, you..."
Graeme Donnelly
"As a bootstrapped company, we were looking for ways to establish our credibility and increase our rep..."
Stefano Mazzalai
Head of Marketing Operations

Testimonials & Customer References of individual Trustpilot customers - their endorsements, recommendations, and customer success results of using the software or service. Read these Testimonials & Customer References to decide if Trustpilot is the right business software or service for your company.

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