"Before implementing Totango, we tried using analytics to track user behaviors. It gave us overall tre..."
Sacha Labourey
Founder and CEO
"No longer is Wiredrive doing pointless check-ins. The changes have lead to tremendous successes so fa..."
Rob Deutsche
Customer Success Team Lead
"Totango keeps our customer success team proactive and engaged. We now know when an account is falling..."
Avinoam Nowogrodski
"I think there isn't any software as a service solution today that could effectively run a customer su..."
Joshua Santos
Director, US Customer Success and Worldwide Support
"Totango provides me with insight into how my clients use Logitude, which helps me to control how my p..."
Tal Kamilian
Account Manager
"We changed how people experience sending and receiving customer service tickets during the trial. Tot..."
Zack Urlocker
"We love it. Everyone is using it...."
Zoey Homayun
Customer Success Manager
"Zoe is a sophisticated, professional tool that assures our customers that every team in our company i..."
Sam Eisenmann
Strategic Sales Director EMEA
"Any subscription business can benefit from Zoe by making the customer data that we define available t..."
Shai Rybak
VP of Customer Success
"If I could start all over, I would use Totango as the main platform for all customer success activiti..."
Ariel Utnik
VP of Customer Success
"Any business that’s in the new subscription economy that is dependent on recurring revenue for their..."
Anthony Enrico
Director of Customer Success
"Unlike other customer success solutions which drive top-down actions, what I like is that this approa..."
Kate Leggett
VP and Principal Analyst
"If you are a SaaS company, you should definitely use Totango. There is no way we could innovate on ou..."
Sam Boonin
Vice President of Products
"Can’t get Zoe out of my head…Keep thinking of more practical applications for her as I’m working on p..."
Noah Reiter
Senior Director of Customer Success
"For the first time, we have visibility into what our users are doing on our platform, and can interac..."
"I look at the activity stream and dashboard on Totango to see what’s going on with my clients. I espe..."
Marko Kovac

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