"We needed a solution that would improve accountability of message routing and ensure patients were ge..."
Robert T.
Chief Information Officer
"A TigerText helped us significantly reduce overhead noise and streamline our everyday communication...."
Don Johnston
Chief Information Officer
"TigerConnect allows our providers to be better communicators. It facilitates better communication cor..."
Lukas Vanasse
Director of IT
"We save a ton of time — a ton of time. Because we are an isolated hospital and our specialists are fa..."
Annie Nunley
Physician Assistant for the Hospitalist Team
"We’ve been very successful in that area, and I believe a huge factor in that is TigerConnect...."
Karen Vanaskie
Chief Clinical Officer
"When we started using this tool — and really tracking these patients — we were able to see that with..."
Maryann Lauletta
Vice President of Medical Operations
"After several months of using TigerConnect, having gone through the implementation and looking at eve..."
David Yi
Chief Medical Information Officer
"We needed a way to notify physicians of important clinical information when they are not actively int..."
Waterbury Hospital
"As a nursing organization everything we do is guided by a physician order, thus it is essential that..."
Sarah Shelbourne
Chief Financial Officer
"We were using phones a lot and text too, but that runs into compliance issues. We’d often have to tal..."
Lee Ann Church
Executive Director
"Prior to using TigerConnect, our physicians would get a page and were unsure if that page was urgent..."
Gene Thomas
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
"I’d estimate that since we started using TigerConnect we’re filling prescriptions 50% faster...."
Ngoc Tran
Pharmacy Manager
"A big push came from our providers wanting to use their smartphones to communicate with colleagues. T..."
B.C. Lee
Director of IT
"We have looked at various solutions – it is TigerConnect that best balances user needs with the repor..."
Jonathan Slotkin
Medical Director of Geisinger in Motion
"Our staff loves it – it’s easy to use and we have rapid response from MDs which only improves patient..."
Angela Munson
RN Administrator
"The hospital was emailing us updates about the escaped and armed patient. but most of us were off-shi..."
Joy M. Galberth
Sr. Director, Case Management

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