"Literally with the flick of a switch we can turn on campaigns to target companies over a certain size..."
"With Terminus, we’re able to work with the customer success team on an ongoing, weekly basis. [It’s b..."
"The reason we brought on Terminus is because we had a gap in our digital strategy. We were doing Goog..."
"For us, we are automating a lot of our campaigns around targeting the right people through various ch..."
"We have a really small customer base and a lot of returning customers. We don’t have a ton of people..."
"We wanted to do a pilot program to really prove to ourselves and to the company the effectiveness of..."
"Terminus is a nice middle ground,because we’re not doing any other programmatic display, we’re not do..."
"Terminus really enables us to add that extra layer of marketing touches to event attendees...."
"Speed Shift Media is an advertising technology company that serves the automotive industry, We help d..."
"Accounts are really engaging with us, so the ability to go back to a sales rep and say, ‘Hey, I know..."

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