"Tealium technology dramatically simplifies integration of third-party vendor tags and has doubled our..."
Jonathan Bradbury
Director of Global e-Commerce
"There were other tools out there, including free products, but we knew we needed a robust enterprise..."
Philip Gossling
CTO & Co-Founder, DoMyOwnPestControl.com
"Using Tealium iQ has enabled the sales and marketing division to react faster to changing needs and i..."
Jean Marc Bolfing
Digital Analyst
"We launched more pixels in one week than we did in an entire year...."
Mark Fiske
Sr. Director Digital Marketing, Ancestry.com
"Our objectives with this project were to drive e-commerce revenue as well as brand awareness for all..."
Jeremy Myers
Manager of Global e-Commerce Analytics at HARMAN
"Tealium iQ instantly removed the complexities of tag management and made our digital marketing more e..."
Martijn van Vreeden
Web Analyst
"I’ve been using Tealium for 5 years and that encompasses 3 different companies Using Tealium has been..."
Johnson Ta
Director of Digital Measurement Strategy
"SiteOlytics solved a common e-commerce conversion challenge for us quickly and nimbly, integrating Te..."
Michael Butler
Director of Ecommerce
"If I am not there exactly at the right moment, I am not going to be there at all...."
Xavier Perret
Chief Data Officer
"Most of the time, [stakeholders] don’t care how things happen, just that it does and that they have a..."
Vaughan Williams
Global Lead of Digital Analytics and Reporting
"Intrepid Group is a customer-centric company, so I was fortunate enough to have a head start getting..."
Drew Martinez
Chief Marketing Officer
"Being in e-commerce, we have a lot of information on our customers, But there’s a big step in terms o..."
Todd Kurie
Vice President of Marketing
"We wanted to leverage technology that would bring together offline and online data that would enable..."
Madelyn Mills
Director, Marketing Platforms & Analytics, Providence
"My challenge was to maximize the use of our data ecosystem, a data layer of 200 variables from ten we..."
Francois Fleury
Web Analyst and Digital Data Manager
"We converted almost twice the rate as the second-best team. We were by far the best in the NBA, and w..."
Jared Geurts
Senior Director, Analytics
"EventStream has really been the crux of our solution. It allows us to take and flow that anonymized d..."
Bob Harris
Director, Market and Consumer Insights

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