"Talview has changed our entire hiring perspective; the platform has drastically shortened time to hir..."
Sunil R Udupa
Managing Director
"Talview has made life easy with online tests for campus recruitment. No more carrying heavy suitcases..."
John Daniel
Tata Consulting Engineers
"Talview is simple, user-friendly, but effective for our recruiters to evaluate and recognize the best..."
Dung Nguyen
Recruitment Manager
"We loved the concept of recorded interviews as it would give us the perfect opportunity to actually s..."
Sweta Jain
HR Head
"[Asynchronous Interviews are] becoming more efficient because I have recorded a set of questions that..."
Suman Akkiraju
Associate Vice President-HR
"Talview's mobile platform connects employers and candidate even if they are not in the same city; tak..."
Eswar Prasad
Manager Warehousing & Logistics
"Talview helped Cognizant evaluate new campuses and made the process in existing campuses much more st..."
Alan Lim
"We chose Talview because it brought in a lot of capabilities and innovative thinking to the table, in..."
Praveen Mani
Senior Director- Head of People Function Systems
"We had a very specific need at HDFC- ensuring that we can assess a large number of candidates with mi..."
Devatanu Banerjee
Head,Innovations Social Business & New Media
"We used Talview and its TBI module to interview candidates for our three key roles from various campu..."
Rahul Mitra
Head Talent Acquisition
"Talview platform helped us shrink the entire hiring process to one third the time it used to take. Th..."
Alex Piscina
"A lot of times it was difficult to coordinate time to schedule interviews with so many candidates. Ta..."
Mohanasundaram Rajamanickam
Group Project Manager
"It’s been great working with a team who ensures 24*7 availability to help us and the candidates. We d..."
Pooja Parthasarathy
Consultant, Recruitment
"Talview video interview solution has helped a nimble workforce like ours achieve some remarkable cove..."
Pankaj Guglani
Chief Executive Officer
"Talview provided exceptional service. Their employees were always quick to respond and more than will..."
Network Administrator
"Talview has helped us reduce hiring time by 20 days and increase quality of the candidates hired. Tha..."
Fortune 500 Packaging & Container Manufacturing Company

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