"With our millions of complicated records, Sugar Professional offered an ease-of-use that was unmatche..."
Lorena Clavijo
Aftermarket Analyst
"Sugar has become THE tool for salesmen, the main collectors of information about the customer, every..."
Stefania Stradi
Web and Collaboration Application Consultant
"We set out to deliver to our clients and market a best-of-class CRM solution, and that solution is bu..."
Brian Coventry
"We have taken people out of having to do tasks that are now done by Sugar, and Sugar doesn’t get it w..."
Wayne Channon
"We have 2.5 times the staff in the laboratory, processing double the number of samples, but I haven’t..."
Rebecca Roberts
Operations Director
"The regulatory standard operating procedures were paralyzing and costly. Using Sugar for automation,..."
John Millis
IT Director
"Using Sugar has brought many benefits to our customer service operation. We now have greater insight..."
Juan De Carolis
Customer Service Regional Manager
"SugarCRM has saved us time and increased our productivity, thanks to a flexible and customizable solu..."
Alexander Vallin
Director of Information Systems
"Sugar has increased our ability to be more effective overall. It empowered us to scale and support ou..."
Tyler Masters
Direct or of Application Development
"With the help of Sugar Professional we are gaining insight into having potential customer data and su..."
Jan Jůza
Business Development Manager
"In only four months—instead of the typical twelve—we were able to sell our automotive dealer CRM syst..."
Rémi Clemendot
Business Development Director
"We’ve reduced the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars with tracking and reporting in Sugar Profe..."
Mehdi Blanchard
IT Systems Manager
"The choice of SugarCRM was reassuring because it is among the most widely distributed and integrated..."
Jean-Philippe Malicet
"We required that our new CRM solution be customized and integrated with our existing systems to suppo..."
Mahzan Miskam
Head of Information Communication Technology
"That’s getting high marks from management and sales people. They've got more confidence that what get..."
Doug Irvine
Agfa HealthCare
"Our tailored CRM system will ensure that BIG is able to respond to any future possibility...."
Kai-Uwe Bergmann
Partner and Head of Business Development

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