"With Sprout, I'm able to easily engage with our fans across all of our social channels from one platf..."
Amy Koch
Social Media Coordinator
"For any major moment for us, we really want to focus on what insights in our community might be bubbl..."
Melissa Stump
Social Media Lead
"Officially my title is Social Media Manager, but with that comes a whole load of other responsibiliti..."
Assunta Catalano
Social Media Manager
"Our team works with the state legislative and regulatory bodies to create positive change that suppor..."
Kevin Juliano
Digital Director
"We rallied the troops and created a plan to push their #GivingTuesday messaging on Facebook and Twitt..."
Brooke B. Sellas
Founder and CEO
"People don’t expect the government to be listening, They feel disenfranchised with the political proc..."
Jennifer Davies
Social Media Manager
"Residents can communicate with us in the same way they would talk to friends and family, We use GIFs,..."
Natasha Shahani
Public Information Officer
"Social media allows us to present accurate information directly to the public...."
Shane Savanapridi
Public Information Officer
"We always make sure we’re talking with our fans, not at them, We want to make sure we’re answering ev..."
Coop Elias
Social Media Specialist
"Sprout has been a really great tool for social monitoring. The Inbox is a nice way to keep on top of..."
Katy Gelhausen
Web & Social Media Coordinator
"We’re finding the Suggested Reply function to be a really valuable addition to the Sprout platform, I..."
Matt Courtoy
Social Media Manager
"Literally everything has grown. We’ve now got market-leading engagement, which is probably one of the..."
Thomas Davis
Social Media Specialist
"There wasn’t a great Instagram video view tool before, even within the app itself. Everything was agg..."
Lisa Bernier
Head of Social Media
"Sprout's analytics let us see what is working–we can listen better to our customers and react appropr..."
Nicole Brentwood
Vice President of Brand Marketing
"Before Bambu, by Sprout Social, it took a lot of time and effort to get content in front of our emplo..."
Chelsea Larsson
Senior Manager, Content Strategy
"Twitter NPS is amazing because our Customer Insights team is already using that system to measure cus..."
Naomi Bressan
Social Media and Content Executive

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