"Community really laid the foundation for reaching the goals we wanted to meet — and we met them. With..."
Evan Luberda
Community Manager
"We recognize that our Community is so valuable, and we want to engage with our Community users more...."
David Derington
Manager of Success For Administrators
"The coolest thing I saw was right when I stepped off the stage and looked at one of the monitors, the..."
Evan Carroll
Founder Marketing Conference
"By layering Benchmarking on top of Listening, we’ve developed a powerful brand health engine, it allo..."
Sneha Jain
Global Social Data Intelligence Manager
"As the saying goes – ‘if you build it they will come’ – and came they did. The more we engaged our cu..."
Gail Moody-Byrd
Vice President of Web Marketing
"We used Sprinklr’s 30,000- foot view to understand the true impact of our efforts. Based on that know..."
Jerry Nichols
Head of Data-Driven Marketing
"We no longer have to send everything thorugh email, which caused content and images to get lost in th..."
Erin Mcgee
Social Media Manager
"Our core social media team is no longer focused on the mechanics of how the work gets done, but on im..."
Elizabeth Hill
Vice President of Social Channels
"Without listening, it’s impossible to know if we’re making an impact in the discussions that are impo..."
Anna Millman
Social Listening Manager
"With Sprinklr Display, we can showcase everything in a consistent way so that attendees have a single..."
Dianna Disanto
Social Media Community Manager Global Events
"By fully leveraging Sprinklr’s measurement and listening framework to match our global needs, and fin..."
Alex Stein
Social Media & Brand Intelligence Manager
"[The] Global Social Media Team offers 24/7 support, both listening to and engaging with the voice of..."
Marcella Nicotera
Director of Eservice & Social Customer Care
"Sprinklr has been a great platform for both our marketing and social care teams,allowing us to really..."
Toni Jones
Social Media Director
"With the time we save using Sprinklr, we can focus our efforts on more strategic initiatives and our..."
Aaron Clossey
Senior Manager Social and Content Marketing
"The PBA tool gives me more time to do in-depth reporting and analysis of our overall performance. Wit..."
Bridget Schowalter
Social and Content Marketing Associate
"It has been a true success story where we’ve leveraged a platform and a partnership to execute scalab..."
Jennifer Yacenda
Director of Digital Analytics & Channel Intelligence

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