"The idea was to give much more autonomy to our service technicians so they could become site managers..."
Russell Jacobs
CRM (Service) Business Analyst
"With ServiceMax I don’t have to be tied down to my desk, I get to do the type of work I want to do an..."
Brian Samsa
"ServiceMax brings us a number of strategic benefits. As a business, we're finding that our customers..."
John Cooper
Head of Service & Support
"When looking for a field service management solution, I think you need to look into a solution that i..."
Morgan Jonsson
"ServiceMax has allowed us to bring all subsidiaries onto a common platform and increase communication..."
Daniel Hicks
Global Service Project Manager
"With ServiceMax at the hub of our global service transformation, we will also be able to launch new s..."
Trausti Arnason
Global Service Director
"We first looked at our current providers to see if they could offer us newer versions of the software..."
Bob Clegg
Technical Support Manager
"Moving towards a new field service platform was really key for our business and was driven by our CEO..."
Darrell Smithson
VP Global Services
"The Dispatch Console has really changed things for us. we are now able to tell where technicians are..."
Warren Garton
Strategy & Operations Manager
"ServiceMax is a robust business tool that is user friendly and provides quick insight to not only our..."
Diane Casini
Manager, Service Operations
"As a company, we’ve always been driven to identify ways to enhance our customers’ experience and prov..."
Jim Reutlinger
Director, Americas Service
"The ServiceMax platform is helping us to secure new business... It gives customers an even greater le..."
Lisa Hough
Head of Support Services
"Since deploying ServiceMax Mobile for iPad, we’ve seen great improvements in field efficiencies...."
Steven Seretis
Service Operations Manager
"By digitizing our end-to-end service offerings, ServiceMax will not only enable us to better serve ou..."
Justin Sasse
Managing Director
"A ton of information in a matter of minutes in any format I require. I can clearly state that Service..."
Jack Mori
VP of Service
"We can better serve our customers now that we have better insight into what we are doing well and whe..."
Sandra Lew
Business Systems Manager

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