"We had to do this process manually before using information from 3 different systems. Now this is 'Th..."
John Hunt
Senior Manager Digital Marketing, Corporate Communications and Content
"What’s key for us is while all our product information is in one place in Salsify, we can automatical..."
Seth Diamond
V.P. Ecommerce Division
"We saved a person’s worth of time using Salsify. Their built-in digital asset management capabilities..."
Yoram Weinreich
"What’s great about sharing a Salsify catalog with buyers is that the relationship extends beyond the..."
Bob Land
VP Consumer Engagement
"Our old format wasn’t consistent across all our products. Salsify has allowed us to structure our dat..."
Sally Vandegrift Yeast
VP, Customer Experience & Analytics
"By July, every tool the salesforce needed to hit the ground running for 2017 was loaded into Salsify...."
Jessica Hendrix
Customer Data Specialist
"It became very clear, very quickly that the traditional PIMs were not a good fit for us, they were to..."
Frank Wiggins
Chief Information Officer
"The consequences of lost revenue resulting from product launch delays, strained relationships with di..."
CPG Packaging
"It was a fire drill every time a customer asked for data - we didn’t have confidence that we were del..."
US-based Manufacturer of Health and Beauty Products
VP of E-commerce
"After an evaluation of several alternatives, they elected to subscribe to Salsify, based on the ease..."
US-based Manufacturer of Health and Beauty Products
Project Manager

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