"By implementing the Sage CRM system, we saw a tremendous return on investment in our customer service..."
Saif Saeed
Head of Customer Service Department
"With this solution, all alerts and information regarding future tenders and other business opportunit..."
Javier Martin Sonseca
"Sage CRM has streamlined the work carried out by our sales teams, it has given us the tools to provid..."
Myriam Gomez Barredo
Sales and Marketing manager
"Sage CRM met all our business requirements and also had the advantage of integrating with our existin..."
Nathalie Navarro
"We needed one system with a unified reporting structure that still met the needs of each of the divis..."
Carey White
CFO, Club One
"We managed a complete exhibition project within Sage CRM, from attaining prospects, tracking leads an..."
Neil Curtis
Head of Marketing, ITM Grou
"I would whole-heartedly recommend Sage CRM. It has fundamentally changed Blue Sky’s internal business..."
Ralph Coleman
Sales Director
"Thanks to Sage CRM, from now on we will be able to automatically integrate all our sales team’s field..."
Christophe Barrau
"We wanted to create a company that took its direction from potential customers and investors. The fee..."
Adam Pope
Sales and Marketing Manager
"Sage CRM is a critical part of our company. If we didn't have it, we'd be dead meat — and couldn't ev..."
Becky Moore
Controller, Horizon Spa & Pool Parts
"With Sage CRM and CTI, more people now manage these calls: we not only improve the quality of our cus..."
Christophe Charbonnier
Director of Computing Services
"Both parts of the process were equally important we needed to integrate the channels but the project..."
Ann Gallagher
Customer Relations Manager, Avis
"We chose Sage CRM for compatibility with our Sage Business Management solution, initially reluctant a..."
Christine Marques
Head of Back Office
"We are very happy with Sage CRM. It has made a world of difference to the way we run business. We hav..."
Andrew Burne
Sales Director
"Right now, with Sage CRM, we are able to create quotes within minutes and managers can provide the ap..."
Sunny Liew
Sales and Marketing Engineer
"With Sage CRM, we’ve pooled all of our customer data in a single database, regardless of their profil..."
Christelle Gioder
Sales and Marketing Manager

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