"Sage CRM gives us the ability to track sales activity across the team. We can follow any new sales le..."
Nick Ryan
General Manager of Marketing and Sponsorship
"We chose Sage because they offered us everything we needed...."
Jeremy Kann
General Manager
"With almost half a billion Rand of corporate social investment grantmaking funds under current manage..."
Greg Arthur
Grants and Programme Services Executive
"Sage CRM was the only solution that addressed our requirements in all three areas – customer database..."
Tim Oliver
Group Marketing Manager, Tensar International
"Sage CRM drives efficiency which is the same as profitability for a business like ours. Information i..."
Jay Lentz
Client Development Executive
"Through client opportunity reports, we can also keep track of the actions of the suppliers, which pro..."
Jordi Grau
Chief of Quality Assurance
"Sage CRM is a big improvement for working a case through the process to the end...."
Scott Hurley
General Manager
"We can look at system and see we had X opportunities to carry cargo but we didn’t have assets availab..."
Brent Kinnaird
Marketing Manager
"Sage has given us a stable and well supported platform to continue developing and evolving our busine..."
James McKinnon
IT & Operations Specialist
"We needed one system with a unified reporting structure that still met the needs of each of the divis..."
Carey White
CFO, Club One
"Recording time can bring to light issues which may well need discussion, but we believe that it’s imp..."
Nick Senior
Business Manager, Legal and Democratic Services
"Sage CRM is a critical part of our company. If we didn't have it, we'd be dead meat — and couldn't ev..."
Becky Moore
Controller, Horizon Spa & Pool Parts
"The system is robust enough to handle all the demands that we place upon it and we are confident that..."
Melany George
Marketing Executive
"This is a decision that we have not regretted now that the enquiry level has significantly increased..."
Jason Laffan
Managing Director
"When I took a good look at Sage, it had everything I needed like the ability to customise the softwar..."
Sharna Aquilina
Bequests Officer
"Using Sage CRM, our service is now substantially more effective, with each case taking about one-thir..."
Peter J. Frantz
Managing Director

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