"The shuffling feature is my favorite part of Reserve! It helps us maximize seating without needing to..."
Alicia Christenson
"We switched because we were tired of the cost of Open Table and the illogical pricing structure as we..."
Sara Fetbroth
General Manager
"It was a seamless and easy transition to move over to the Reserve system. This company looks at the r..."
Tracy Jolles
Owner/General Manager
"The algorithm is incredibly helpful to our small restaurant. We don’t have a host and the algorithm p..."
Emily Sher
General Manager
"The ease and mobility of the system, the rapid response from the support team, and the lack of bindin..."
Paul O'Neill
"The algorithm has been great. We have not seen a decline in covers. In fact, we have an uptick on Fri..."
Vincent Palmero
General Manager
"Reserve is a very helpful platform for managing and organizing your waitlist. The customer service an..."
Sarah Loberg
Director of Operations
"Why wouldn’t you want to pay less for better service and a better product? Don’t allow someone to con..."
Brandon Hanson
General Manager
"Our relationship with Reserve feels very personal; they understand the specifics of our business and..."
Carrie Blease
Owner and General Manager
"The Reserve team has always been incredibly helpful, prompt and willing to work to make Contra a bett..."
Cameron Lewin
General Manager
"Reserve makes our lives easier as it's not slot based and we can focus on our customers, not where pe..."
Mateusz Lilpop
"The fixed cost per month as opposed to a per reservation fee has been incredibly impactful. The amoun..."
Adrienne Lo
"There's so much innovation and diversity in apps, and Reserve is one of the best. Chefs have been inc..."
Liz Button
Director of Operations/Owner
"With the ease of the product, our hosts are able to quickly enter guests and their information. This..."
Brian Givens
Floor Manager
"I would say that they have by far the best customer service, which is what made us switch from Resy t..."
Sarah Garrity
Host Manager
"I was scared to be out with the old and in with the new, but now wonder why we waited so long. Get re..."
Lindsey Schenker

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