"Using QLess to deliver the customer experience survey dramatically improved the survey response rate...."
Doug Willis
Dean of Student Development
"As I thought about the solution to the traffic problem in the Financial Aid office, I imagined all th..."
Julian Vickers
Operations Manager for Financial Aid
"We’ve seen a 10% increase in year-over-year returns in terms of dollars per invoice since deploying Q..."
Jake Bishop
Store Manager
"From the tech savvy to technology newcomers, our international students all love the QLess solution a..."
Catherine Creason
Director for International Students
"Finally our customers were free to wait where they want – they no longer have to stand in a long line..."
Jared Sloane
Operations Director
"QLess made it possible to completely eliminate the congestion at the Antwerp Gateway. Our infamous tr..."
Wim Verdonck
Optimization Supervisor
"QLess has been a real catalyst for communication with our citizens, and we’re very happy with that. S..."
Jim Cochrane
Chief Information Officer
"Beyond the positive aspects of managing the line and enabling customers to know their relative positi..."
Mike Hills
General Manager
"The lines have stopped! The QLess system is fast-working our citizens absolutely love it...."
Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles
"QLess saves permit applicants hours of wasted time, reduces stress for everyone, and allows our staff..."
City of Milford, Connecticut
Director of Permitting and Land Use
"Your product is amazing and about as innovative as it gets. So simple, yet so effective in creating c..."
VALENCIA Community College
"When we launched QLess, our satisfaction rate was incredible. Over 95% of our patients reported that..."
Nevada-based Urgent Care
Chief Executive Officer
"QLess virtual check-in transformed our urgent care facility in ways beyond what I imagined. QLess wil..."
Donald Kimes
Medical Director
"With QLess we had a 20% increase in patient satisfaction attributed to shorter wait times. We have fu..."
Healthcare Organization
Chief Executive Officer
"The learning curve for our customers and our staff was minimal – the QLess solution is intuitive, so..."
Drew McWilliams
Franchise Owner
"QLess has transformed our customer’s experience by eliminating the number one source of frustration w..."
Dan Eldridge

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