"Testing helps you make decisions based on objective results, not subjective guesses. It's a good way..."
Evelien Geerens
Web Merchandiser, Sony
"We're a pretty heavy testing company. We use Optimizely for a lot of the heavy lifting. It's ideal be..."
Ryan Hutchings
Director, Online Marketing, Vacationroost
"The video default was selling, but you always want to be testing...."
Kollin Killian
Conversion & Usability Analyst, ZAGG
"It would've been easy to say, ‘Let's just make the thumbnails dark so people have to click on them to..."
Todd Northcutt
VP of Product
"We can spend an infinite amount of money bringing people to our website, but if we can’t get them to..."
Mike Wodke
Director of eCommerce
"Testing fits in almost everywhere at Trunk Club. We test everything from box sizes and packaging to t..."
Mike Wolf
Product Design Lead, Trunk Club
"We’re trying to take a stressful, painful experience and make it as easy as possible, and Optimizely..."
Michael Cruz
VP Engineering
"The goal with A/B testing is to completely integrate it into our processes so that editors are able t..."
Martin Fessler
Head of Digital, Blick-Gruppe
"At AdRoll, we depend on testing to drive customer growth—we'll test just about anything. Optimizely i..."
Peter Clark
Head of Growth
"Full Stack has opened up new doors for our business. Any time we deploy something new in our product,..."
Colin Gardiner
VP Of Product and Analyctics
"From day one, the team at CROmetrics has been great to work with, and they, along with the Optimizely..."
Conor Coughlan
Senior Marketing Manager
"As much as you may think that you know your customer, the product and the impact new features would h..."
Erin McLaine
Global Head of Conversion Optimization
"We’re rolling out this same testing structure to other areas of our business. Next, we’re going to ru..."
Eric Barba
Vice President of Digital Marketing and Analytics
"We saw about half as many trunk requests come through—but then we were twice as likely to actually co..."
Justin Hughes
VP of Product Development and Design
"Experimentation is the engine that drives innovation. Experiments show us, with scientific rigor, wha..."
Stefan Thomke
William Barclay Harding Professor of Business Administration
"The first test we did on our mileage plan, yielded an 18% increase in sign-ups...."
Alex Smoin
E-commerce Analyst

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