"Personalization is a key strategy in the future of B2B marketing. The benefits are numerous, includin..."
Jessica Collier
Web Conversion Strategist, Citrix
"The goal with A/B testing is to completely integrate it into our processes so that editors are able t..."
Martin Fessler
Head of Digital, Blick-Gruppe
"One thing that really helped Bleacher Report get off the ground and accelerated its growth in the pas..."
Beni Shpringer
Senior Analyst, Bleacher Report
"Always be running an A/B test. If you are really serious about your A/B testing operation, then there..."
Kyle Rush
Deputy Director of Frontend Web Development, Obama for America
"It’s great to test ideas before building them and have proof that something works or it doesn’t—we sa..."
Inge Nachtegaal
User Experience Researcher, Vergelijk.nl
"As an online retailer, optimizing our customer's experience on our site is absolutely key to executin..."
Shane Lapsys
Senior Product Manager, Fab
"There are no universal truths in marketing. The only way we can really figure out what works is throu..."
Paul Koch
Marketing Strategist, Viget
"We’re rolling out this same testing structure to other areas of our business. Next, we’re going to ru..."
Eric Barba
Vice President of Digital Marketing and Analytics
"The simplicity of the Optimizely interface allows us to be reactive and test against other eCommerce..."
David Kornfield
Marketing Manager
"As we tested and optimized the homepage, we’d start to see similar results, to the point where we're..."
Chris Schroeder
Product Manager
"Full Stack has opened up new doors for our business. Any time we deploy something new in our product,..."
Colin Gardiner
VP Of Product and Analyctics
"Before we had Optimizely, we had no way of knowing whether a change in design or layout on our websit..."
Julio Farfan
Head of Web and Mobile Optimization
"Testing helps you make decisions based on objective results, not subjective guesses. It's a good way..."
Evelien Geerens
Web Merchandiser, Sony
"Optimizely was extremely important in our website redesign process. Instead of launching the new site..."
Do Kil
Creative Director, Spreadshirt
"With Optimizely, we were not able introduce nearly 1 in 4 U.S. students to computer science, but we w..."
Roxanne Emandi
Grassroots & Social Strategist, Code.Org
"With Optimizely, we’ve demonstrated the value of delivering personalized experiences to our audience...."
Laura Szarek
Director, Digital Marketing

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