"One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is to just assume that the functionality on the big sc..."
Scott Ehly
Optimization and Usability Analyst, RentPath
"Trust your intuition, but don't forget to measure. With Optimizely setting up an experiment like this..."
Balazs Kereskenyi
Product Manager, USTREAM
"We're in a world now where you can't wait a whole day to get your data. This has been a huge boon for..."
One Kings Lane
"Personalization is a key strategy in the future of B2B marketing. The benefits are numerous, includin..."
Jessica Collier
Web Conversion Strategist, Citrix
"It’s great to test ideas before building them and have proof that something works or it doesn’t—we sa..."
Inge Nachtegaal
User Experience Researcher, Vergelijk.nl
"We want to rapidly prune out the ideas that will lower conversion. If we put something out in product..."
Emily Dresner
"If our customer doesn’t see the perfect dress for her on the first page she visits, she’s likely to m..."
Grace Hong
VP of Product and Design
"The simplicity of the Optimizely interface allows us to be reactive and test against other eCommerce..."
David Kornfield
Marketing Manager
"We had tested 50% of the new website components and felt confident that they would perform well. On l..."
Ashley Kemper
Website Program Lead
"Thanks to Optimizely, we tripled the revenue from our product over the last 3 years. This would not h..."
Solvig van Severen
Product Manager
"Missguided has an entrepreneurial approach and isn’t afraid to experiment with new ideas and offering..."
Mark Leach
Head of Ecommerce
"As much as you may think that you know your customer, the product and the impact new features would h..."
Erin McLaine
Global Head of Conversion Optimization
"We have a cycle of analyzing site data and customer surveys, planning groups of experiments to solve..."
Erin O’Leary
Vice President of Marketing
"If we refresh the design of our car mweb product then we can increase our Car mobile conversion rate..."
Pauline Marol
"Experimentation is the engine that drives innovation. Experiments show us, with scientific rigor, wha..."
Stefan Thomke
William Barclay Harding Professor of Business Administration
"At Fullscreen, our approach is unique in that we have created an entertainment experience around youn..."
Jennifer Laughlin
Director of Product

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