"Since adding Olark, we're able to obtain data that has been extremely useful and actionable. Now almo..."
Ryan Hoskin
Customer Support Manager
"We are committed to never turning away a customer, no matter the problem. It can be a hole in a sock,..."
Drew Stadler
Head of Happiness
"We love chatting with our customers but asking them who they are after they've already logged in make..."
Mark Silliman
"Especially with nutrition, it's important for a customer to know exactly what they're buying and what..."
Tevita Lesuma
Business Growth Manager
"We analyzed the qualitative data in our live chat transcripts to create a vocabulary of customer word..."
Giles Thomas
CEO and Founder
"Olark is fantastic. It has opened up a new avenue for our intake team to get help for potential clien..."
Lee Berg
Director of Marketing
"We assure the customers that if they let us help them offline we can offer better service from our te..."
Gareth Jones
Digital Marketing Manager
"The Olark tool has helped us to not only address customer queries more quickly, but it’s also given u..."
Simon Tinsley
Digital Marketing Executive
"Usually we'll get a call from our PR team the day before we're scheduled to be featured in a news seg..."
James Stillian
Customer Champion
"There's no way to anticipate what's coming next, so you have to keep a good attitude going into every..."
Jorge Hernandez
Communications Director
"We set it up so when a user clicks the 'report this profile' button, it fires the Olark chat box. If..."
Jeremy Frazao
VP of Engineering
"One of the most useful features of !push is that it helps direct our users to relevant help sections..."
"We have Olark integrated within our application interface so our customers can start a live chat or c..."
Michael Geneles
"A lot of the questions that come in ask for quotes on certain jobs, and it is here that we can have a..."
Austin Tran
"We often talk to customers who have used similar services, only to be referred to contractors who hav..."
Andrew Collins
Verification Coordinator
"The volume of customer questions was overwhelming for just one person, and we knew that volume would..."
Mike Lodato
Cram Fighter

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