"We wanted to give our customers another method of communicating with our reservation agents. The majo..."
Jakub Kopiczak
Marketing Manager
"At Lunarpages we are committed to provide a customer first experience. By offering our customers the..."
Alfonso Fernandez
Marketing Manager, Lunarpages
"Our customers often need their problems to be solved and their questions to be responded to asap. Sin..."
Anna Zakharchenko
Head of Sales Department, Depositphotos
"It isn’t the concept of live chat itself that sets us apart from the competition, of course many of o..."
Gavin Pereira
Managing Director
"Our Mo Community loved LiveChat! Some of our long-time supporters mentioned it was their new favorite..."
Alana Tozer
"Customers feel that a recommendation arriving from human on chat is much stronger than simple text a..."
Ariel Hochstadt
"We found people who engaged in chat had an ecommerce conversion rate 1000% higher than non-chat users..."
Scott Perry
Director of Ecommerce
"In the dark ages, before LiveChat, I had no idea what tickets, yahoo chats, emails were coming and go..."
Lute Atieh
Chief Operating Officer
"We needed to break up chat support to one user per channel. We needed to have a record of all chats a..."
Randy Burgess
Chief Technology Officer
"We help thousands of people sell and rent properties online. We wanted our clients to feel they could..."
Colin Sacks
"LiveChat software has helped us immensely in quickly helping our guests with any questions or issues..."
Dustin Burke
IT Coordinator
"We have received great feedback from our users for having a 24/7 live chat option available on our we..."
Sarmad Hussain
Customer Service Team Manager
"LiveChat gives our team the ability to help prospects the moment they need it. I love how visitors ca..."
Sandy Hanh
Marketing Manager
"Many features that make usage and reporting more efficient. Like the Canned Responses, Report view by..."
Iylia Kamal
Digital Engagement Advocate
"We installed LC to give us a support arm for our visual content platform, and immediately got way mor..."
Anthony Borsumato
"After testing many website based chat tools, LiveChat's tool proved to be the easiest to manage websi..."
Ryan Pinke
Visual Collaboration Specialist

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