"We look to Insperity Recruiting Services to find the outstanding talent behind the scenes...."
Joe Levy
General Manager
"I realized going with a quality company meant a lot more than going with somebody that would save me..."
Dan Edwards
Founder and CEO of IT management,Pact-One Solutions
"Insperity has enabled us to create a benefits package that cares deeply for our people...."
Peter Kardel
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
"I never considered starting a business without Insperity. They were a founding partner, whether they..."
Spencer Brown
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
"Insperity treats me like I’m their most valuable customer. I see them as a partner...."
Wendi Goldsmith
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
"Outsource what you’re not good at. We learned that. You can’t do it all and do it well. You do what y..."
Charles Collins
Chief Operating Officer
"We have complete and total trust in the relationship. Insperity knows where the pitfalls are, and the..."
Armando Alvarez
Executive Vice President of Operations
"We love our culture, and we love our people. We think we have a great, high-spirited company, and Ins..."
Brian Hutto
Chief Executive Officer
"TimeStar makes it easy to import timekeeping information into payroll and cuts down on administrative..."
Eunice Arrambide
Director, Human Resources
"PerformSmart is an affordable platform that’s easy to customize to reflect the culture and structure..."
Sharon Cornils
Personnel Director
"The time savings, the resource savings, the energy savings; if we hadn't had the additional backbone..."
Leon Gross
Associate Executive Director and Director of Psychometrics and Research
"We’re able to find quality candidates for a small fee, but with a high return on investment. Insperit..."
Janine Matta
Vice President, Human Resources
"Insperity walks us through those tightrope HR situations, making sure we’re compliant...."
Paul Smiley
Sonoran Technology
"I don’t think of Insperity as an outside company; I think of them as part of our business...."
Ira Cohen
Founder and Chairman
"With Insperity, I have access to things I could never afford otherwise. You can’t underestimate the t..."
Sherry Schultz
Chief Human Resource Officer
"Sourcing has been cost-efficient for us in terms of both time and money. Recruiting tasks that would..."
Bob Woods
Vice President

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