"Hootsuite allows us to manage and collaborate on clients’ social channels from one centrally located..."
Alex Vojdany
Creative Content and Community Manager, [L]earned Media
"Because of the shift to digital and the rapid-fire way information is disseminated, the use of social..."
Allison Pennisi
"Life before Hootsuite was unorganized. We had so many community managers on social, but no collaborat..."
David Bell
Managing Director
"Hootsuite helps me manage social media, especially while on the road. I am able to schedule tweets fo..."
Ryan Westberg
Co-Founder and Marketing Director
"All of the cast members used their Hootsuite Mobile Apps to share live updates. Hootsuite gave our te..."
Alec McNayr
Founder and COO, McBeard Media
"Every Monday, I start my day off looking over my Hootsuite customized analytic reports. It’s a great..."
Joshua Jeffery
Manager of Digital Engagement
"I tend to use Hootsuite to be reactive and jump on opportunities that pop up in the media that relate..."
Emily Meyer
Assistant Communications Manager
"We’re a fast growing company; Hootsuite has enabled us to effectively double our human resources thro..."
Nikki Neate
Marketing Manager
"The insights and data from Hootsuite has made our decision making process easier and more effective:..."
Gloria Iglesias
Regional Marketing and Communications Manager
"Integrating Pinterest along with the other social media platforms in Hootsuite is a game changer. Wit..."
Karen Freberg
"We have benefitted from the experience and expertise of Hootsuite’s consultants to carry out training..."
Edouard de la Taille
International Digital Director
"Hootsuite plays the role of facilitator with our communities and teams. We have reduced the time take..."
Guillaume Casbonne
Social Media Manager
"The key to success in this employee-ambassador programme lies in the decision to privilege volunteeri..."
Annick Costa
Director of Digital Communication and Brand
"We listen to young people talk about what they want to become when they grow up. We listen to what jo..."
Hallvard Lavoll
Social Media Manager
"I love partnering with the Hootsuite team. The product has boosted our campaign results, driven addit..."
Tim Wong
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist
"Hootsuite's professional services team handled the heavy lifting and training, ensured for a smooth l..."
Megan Stagnaro
Senior Director of Corporate and Field Marketing

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