"Hootsuite helped us stay on top of communications and stay organised as teams worked long hours throu..."
Peter Sharples
Web and Social Media Specialist
"To make an impact on curbing homelessness means reaching beyond the nonprofit world. One of the thing..."
Mark Horvath
Founder, Invisible People
"With over 45,000 followers on our main channels, we use social media to promote our employee’s conten..."
Jay Geneske
Director of Digital, The Rockefeller Foundation
"Aligning our business with Hootsuite positions us as leaders in the industry, expands our business ne..."
Simone Douglas
Co-Founder, Social Media AOK
"All of the cast members used their Hootsuite Mobile Apps to share live updates. Hootsuite gave our te..."
Alec McNayr
Founder and COO, McBeard Media
"Hootsuite Analytics provide us with tangible and quantifiable insights into the success of content an..."
Barney Brown
Head of Digital Communications
"Hootsuite is essential for our internal collaboration we are now working well together and have had h..."
Peter Wilson
Digital Communications Manager
"Every Monday, I start my day off looking over my Hootsuite customized analytic reports. It’s a great..."
Joshua Jeffery
Manager of Digital Engagement
"I tend to use Hootsuite to be reactive and jump on opportunities that pop up in the media that relate..."
Emily Meyer
Assistant Communications Manager
"For us, the purpose of running a sweepstakes is to engage our current subscribers with timely and fun..."
Tori Tait
Senior Community Manager
"Once people realise that, say, 10 users can collaborate in Hootsuite— without needing to know passwor..."
Justin Clark
Senior Press Officer
"Because 90% of our scheduled content is for our clients’ social media channels, the combination of bo..."
Justin Douglas
Social Media AOK
"Hootsuite is incredibly helpful for our social media management. Being able to schedule posts in adva..."
Christina Riley
Marketing and Communications Editor
"Integrating Pinterest along with the other social media platforms in Hootsuite is a game changer. Wit..."
Karen Freberg
"The key to success in this employee-ambassador programme lies in the decision to privilege volunteeri..."
Annick Costa
Director of Digital Communication and Brand
"Implementing Hootsuite has given us the ability to monitor which items of content seeded on social ar..."
Hannah Boulton
Head of Marketing and Press

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