"HackerRank has actually allowed us to look for diamonds in the rough that our old process didn’t give..."
Mathias Connot
Senior Staffing Manager
"For the first time in Zenefits history of record-breaking growth, we don’t have to panic about develo..."
Prasanna Sankar
Director of Engineering
"In a time when finding great developers is becoming a real business challenge, HackerRank’s codesprin..."
Jim Chauncey-Kelly
Director of Talent, Rocket Fuel
"Given our ambitious mission of transforming finance, we made a point to include finace-specific chall..."
Vladimir Novakoski
Vice President of Engineering
"HackerRank is the best tool for a tech recruiter today...."
Nick Ingall
Head of People Operations
"HackerRank has redefined the way we approach tech recruiting on campus. We have been able to identify..."
Anuja Sivaram
Head of Operations
"It’s a balancing act. We want candidates to have a personal connection to Amplify at every step, but..."
Matt Yardeni
Recruiting Director
"With HackerRank, we feel confident about inviting candidates straight to our interview process and gi..."
Selina De Ruiter
Technology Recruiting Manager
"We’re able to give more people the opportunity to take our exercise to see if they’d be a good fit...."
Sloane Larson-Shidler
Employee Experience Leader
"If people passed the HackerRank test, there was a higher probability they’d pass the interviews...."
Neal Rosenblum
Director of Talent Acquisition
"The HackerRank and Lever integration epitomize my underlying philosophy – great software should facil..."
David Nason
VP Global Talent Acquisition
"It changed my life giving me an opportunity I would never be able to get...."
Alex Miller
Vice President of Programs
"With the coding aptitude tested and out of the way, during interviews we now get into far more depth..."
Abhinav Gupta
Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering
"We’re looking for the brightest talent so at the end of the day coding skills are coding skills, rega..."
Matthew Hess
Talent Director
"Look, this is an amazing problem to have. Most of society does not have this problem. So you’re reall..."
David Kent
Automated Trading Systems Team Lead
"We needed to create efficiencies to help us identify the strongest candidates upfront, to best utiliz..."
Jaime Onofre
Senior Talent Partner

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