"Greenhouse encourages a great recruiting culture at Thumbtack, it gets everyone involved because the..."
Marissa Huang
Director of Talent
"Greenhouse Analytics provided us with the granular recruiting data we needed to have actionable insig..."
Nathan Allen
Head Of Thumbtack Labs
"It was a breeze to get the rest of the organization to buy in. Once we started training people on Gre..."
Jordan Grundman
Head Of Quant Recruiting
"People proactively tell me how they actually enjoy hiring now! With Greenhouse, hiring managers are m..."
Evan Birtch
Recruitment Manager
"Greenhouse makes it easy for employees to submit referrals and post to social media networks, without..."
Chris Gannon
Head of Sales Talent
"I have implemented other HR systems before, but with Greenhouse the process was so different. It was..."
Lindsey Haven
Sr. HR Operations Specialist
"Greenhouse enables us to have deeper conversations about what we’re vetting for and helps us build a..."
Jillian Moulton
Head of HR
"As the person in charge of recruiting, no other tool ever has allowed me to stay as organized as Gree..."
Taryn Tennant
Director Of HR
"New hires love using Greenhouse Onboarding. In fact, it is a top contender for things they’ve enjoyed..."
Emily Staebell
People Operations Generalist
"So we make sure that we focused on that as a core driver of our success...."
Marco Zappacosta
CEO and Co-Founder
"Recruiting volumes of people is not the goal. Instead, we go through a very rigorous process to deter..."
Sander Daniel
"The only way to rigorously and consistently improve anything is to first measure and track it, so you..."
Jonathan Swanson
"Our Implementation Specialist did a lot of the work for us before we even started the implementation..."
Matt Hughes
Director of People Operations
"Greenhouse did an amazing job. We got an implementation plan that’s easy to follow, so we knew exactl..."
Anna Chalon
Director of Recruiting, Diversity & Inclusion
"It truly takes a village to ensure that everything is ready to go on the new hire’s first day, but al..."
Krystin Dyet
Talent Operations and Analytics Manager
"We do this to teach the company why certain things are done certain ways or why changes were made, so..."
Kaela Diomede
Talent Coordinator

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