"Using FullStory, I was able to discover that the user’s workflow was causing us to generate content t..."
Tim Dorr
"It's Monumental, being able to throw in some code and then figure out what events to track, instead o..."
Joshua Rudd
VP of Product
"It was like night and day, Going from one user with bias recording a single data point to a huge set..."
Jeff Epstein
"We've been using FullStory for a few months at Springbot. These days, when a user reports some diffic..."
Joe Reger
Co-founder and CTO
"Any time we can make engineers move faster and be more productive with tooling that doesn’t cost us a..."
Dan DeMeyere
VP Engineering
"With FullStory I feel like we can actually hear what our customers are thinking...."
Bill Boebel
Founder and CEO, Pingboard
"We implemented the unregistered experience because we’ve seen on FullStory a fair amount of people ab..."
Valentin Ruest
"Operating an e-commerce website without using a tool like FullStory is like running a brick-and-morta..."
Seamus James
"FullStory pays for itself in spades. Every answer we get on what's happening with the checkout funnel..."
Jeremy Lavitt
B&H Photo Video
"It was so easy to onboard. I didn’t have to waste time thinking How will we use this? How will we set..."
JJ Fliegelman
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
"She was so appreciative. I saved her so much time and frustration because I was able to use technolog..."
Alyssa Ciorciari
User Support Manager
"FullStory helps us uncover the truth behind the assumptions we're forced to make with analytics...."
Sebastian Tonkin
"Without FullStory, I had to rely on the customer’s interpretation of their issue. Now there is no con..."
Customer Happiness Manager
"FullStory is essential in helping us push our product design forward. Through playback we gain valuab..."
"[Our engineering team uses] FullStory to understand context … FullStory helps us make sure we fully u..."
"We can be very proactive in screening for fraud. We can see the speed of a customer’s transactions, s..."
Jerry Hoopfer
e-commerce project manager

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