"EasyVista Service Apps opens up more mobile possibilities for us. We can extend beyond submitting tic..."
"When your phone stops working, suddenly nothing else matters. With EasyVista automating all of our IT..."
"EasyVista is simple to configure and many of the configurations were done by the end-client after rec..."
"With EasyVista’s automated workflows we remove the human element while forcing communication across s..."
"HP Service Desk and Service Manager had been running very long in the tooth. But because we used HP f..."
"Service Apps will reduce the hands-on work and the follow up, enabling us to resolve tickets much mor..."
"Our mission is to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the..."
"With EasyVista the team can focus on the mechanics of providing the service rather than focusing our..."
"Ease of use is a huge goal for us. Our whole purpose is to help people who are having a hard time wit..."
"After looking at what each of the leading cloud-based solutions could offer, we were recommended to s..."
"We are very excited about EasyVista’s Service Manager. When you have tens of thousands have been assi..."
"BMC’s Service Desk Express was just too flat for us as a Service Management tool, it considered every..."
"Service Apps demonstrates an appreciation for the way people expect to interact with technology today..."
"With 100 IT people servicing potentially tens of thousands of users, it’s imperative that we have a r..."
"Being a progressive organization, the firm understood the importance of automating their IT service m..."
"DES is a multi-faceted organization that needs the flexibility to service multiple departments along..."

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