"Through the use of our DMS, we’ve eliminated our paper pollution and can focus all of our energy on c..."
Jörg Thielmann
Financial Director
"With the Malibu resort opening up in 2010 and Niagara in 2012, being able to easily approve invoices..."
Lance Bunnell
"Our expectations in implementing a DocuWare DMS have been completely met. By optimizing our business..."
Alberto Gorostizu
European IT Infrastructure Manager
"The ability to search our database has made a huge improvement in our efficiency. We’ve eliminated a..."
Bill Szczytko
IT Manager
"We’ve cut our paper usage in half and eliminated two full-time positions, all during a period of high..."
Pam Naslund
Office Manager
"We are using the economic downturn to digitalize all business processes across the company. Our emplo..."
Bart Waegeman
DMS Project Manager
"DocuWare has played a key role in improving the overall information sharing between departments. Thus..."
Zdenko Lekan
"Employees are happy now, they can do their job more effectively and they don’t want to leave, and tha..."
Don Unger
"We generate over 90,000 paper records every month. Thanks to Integrated Document Management with Docu..."
Marcos Fierro
Member of the Executive Team and IT Director
"Thanks to the DocuWare solution, retrieval time has been reduced from up to 24 hours to just a few se..."
Slawomir Stasiak
Manager Process Management Team Operations Planning & Development
"In a market segment where the terms and conditions are getting tighter, our company has to continue t..."
Alexandru Capata
Kaizen Manager, Process Improvements Comelf-FCT Coordinator
"We’ve eliminated a couple of hours per employee per week by getting rid of manual, paper processes. I..."
Sean Penner
"The centralized document pool has enabled us to efficiently and transparently coordinate the commerci..."
Nicole Röder
Head of Commercial Administration
"One of the big reasons our DocuWare roll out was such a success was because our IT vendor worked with..."
Ray Hoyt
Title III Project Director
"For Hr And Business Leaders, Modern Hr, With Its Cloud-Based Tools, Provides A More Complete Picture..."
Hugo Moreno
"Overall, we were able to reduce the number of missing invoice returns by an incredible 97 percent and..."
Dan Buda
Sales Manager

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