"With Demandbase Company-Targeted Advertising, CSC has been able to be much more targeted and drive op..."
Jennifer Metz
"Using Demandbase Website Optimization to deliver relevant content to our target accounts was key to r..."
Shari Horton
Global Senior Manager, Worlwide Operations Brocade
"With Demandbase, we were able to shorten our forms, gather more information, and provide more up-to-d..."
Caroline Robinson
Marketing Operations Manager
"We use Demandbase with different tools to build a winning combination ... that's one of the reasons w..."
Tom Berger
Director of Internet Marketing
"Demandbase helped us to get more creative and strategic with our forms and maximize every visitor int..."
Brian Conway
Director of Marketing Operations
"Demandbase’s ABM solutions help us get our message to the hospital accounts we value most. By targeti..."
Vince Giglotti
Senior Manager, Interactive Marketing and Advertising
"Performance was really strong. We were particularly impressed by the cost efficiency with which Deman..."
Renny Fidlon
Vice President of Marketing
"Demandbase does what it says it will do. There are other vendors to choose from but working with Dema..."
Steve Rotter
Chief Marketing Officer
"I would recommend Demandbase to my peers in the industry and colleagues in GE. I think it's been a re..."
Pat Oldenburg
Senior Director of Digital Marketing and Operations
"Before using Demandbase, I felt like we were flying blind. Demandbase has given us insight we didn’t..."
Jason Miyasato
Director of Global Campaigns
"It’s been a pleasure to work with Demandbase. We’ve seen immediate results for our clients, with high..."
Tanya Zhang
Associate Director Customer Insights
"Knowing what company you are about to chat with is incredibly powerful from an engagement perspective..."
Thomas Gadd
Account Development
"Demandbase form integration service has significantly helped in increasing the form conversion rates..."
Manu Kaushik
Director of Marketing Operations
"Company targeted advertising and account based marketing is really a no-brainer for those in the B2B..."
Jess Simpson
"Demandbase provides key information and context that is essential to making solid decisions about whe..."
Ryohei Asao
Web Marketing
"Demandbase allows us to envelop the accounts we care about most with the right message at the right t..."
Nick Panayi
Director, Global Brand & Digital Marketing, CSC

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