"Datorama allows us to surface deeper insights for our clients more easily, at a scale, speed and intu..."
"We never thought d’we be able to adjust media spend in near time-real across such intricate campaigns..."
"Datorama makes sure that you’re aligned upfront with all of your marketing leaders, you’re collaborat..."
"We were amazed how quickly we could connect our client’s media channel data, analyse and act on the d..."
"For me, the number one thing was picking a partner with expertise with media and marketing data, spec..."
"Datorama Genius helps us quickly cut to the cause of spikes or dips in key KPIs. If there’s been a sp..."
"It's like something out of J.K. Rowling's imagination. Being able to optimize every marketing investm..."
"Datorama has changed the way we operate as an organization and has truly transformed the way we go to..."
"Datorama was easy to understand and it is extremely customizable to fit our unique needs The company..."
"Datorama is a core component of our optimization stack. When layered on top of our proprietary algori..."
"Datorama has made a significant impact on our business. Our teams are now spending their time providi..."
"We wanted to know what was working well, what wasn’t and how different channels interact so we could..."
"We’ve derived great value from Datorama. The flexibility of the platform allows us to get any type of..."
"Our clients rely on our proprietary methodologies to support important decisions about their consumer..."
"With Datorama, we are much more in control of telling the story in terms of prospects. With forecasti..."

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