"We use Custora’s segmentation of high-value customers in our email marketing, promotional offers, and..."
Elizabeth Dobbin
Sr. Director of Marketing
"On the surface, Custora makes life very simple for us. We simply create a few offers and emails, and..."
Irrum Doss
Chief Sales Officer
"Custora enabled us to test campaigns to customers at risk of churning, and email these customers with..."
Michael Fellner
Director of Retention Marketing, Nasty Gal
"With Custora, we gain valuable and rapid insights on which channels are a source for high quality cus..."
Craig Elbert
VP of marketing
"Out of the box, Custora provides us with valuable insights - both at a high level and all the way dow..."
Roberto Medri
Head of Analytics
"We wanted to leverage predictive intelligence to drive our marketing strategy. The Custora platform h..."
Cathy Beaupain
"If I told you how much better our Facebook and display advertising campaigns performed once we began..."
Ben Hemphill
Global SVP of Marketing
"With Custora, we have increased our knowledge of who our customers are, what they need and want from..."
Carlos Alberini
Chief Executive Officer
"Custora has been a valuable partner in helping us deepen our customer analytics capabilities as we lo..."
TJ Papp
VP of Digital/E-commerce

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