"We generate a lot of blog content, and ReQueue helps us get more longevity out of that content...."
Abby Boggs-Johnson
Director of Marketing and Creative Services
"It’s this live, dynamic, interactive calendar that integrates with our social channels. And for us, t..."
Ivey Smith
Marketing & Engagement Manager
"The first thing we do is get new team members a CoSchedule account. Then walkthrough and review the m..."
Lee Hersh
"ReQueue gives us the ability to identify things we want to revisit, but would probably forget about...."
Neal Taflinger
Digital Content Strategist
"CoSchedule cut my time in half...."
Ali Norman
Social Media Manager
"We came away from our CSM call feeling like a valued partner. He devoted over an hour of his time to..."
Christina Lavingia
Marketing Manager
"The discussion feature eliminated essentially all email communication related to projects. Anyone can..."
Liz Carmon
Assistant Director of Marketing & Operations
"If I wanted to see what was going out, I had to manually click through every page to see what was nat..."
Martin Jefferies
Social Media Marketing Manager
"CoSchedule makes it super easy to manage our team of internal and external contributors. We can assig..."
Kim Courvoisier
Director of Content Marketing & Social Media
"The tool itself has helped my team with production and staying consistent. It has also helped us get..."
Pat Flynn
"The task manager and calendar work hand in hand. For managing editorial, that to me is hands down a g..."
Janna Marlies Maron
Managing Editor
"It’s a helpful way to organize content and communicate with clients about the importance of planning..."
Lauren Cheal
Audience Development Manager
"We use WordPress to publish anywhere from 1-3 articles per day, 7 days per week per category. With 12..."
Rhonda Robinson
Managing Editor
"I should know anything and everything that has to do with my department at all times, and CoSchedule..."
Shannon Sehnert
Director of Marketing
"With CoSchedule, posts get published in the right time zone (at the right time) with localized conten..."
Manon Bot
Global Head of Marketing
"So, I created a template in CoSchedule to avoid unnecessary mistakes & keep us on track...."
John Taylor
Director of Consumer Sales

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