"Our performance review completions are at 97 percent for our salaried team. We also have goals entere..."
"We’re fortunate to get 200 to 300 applicants for any given job opening. Our challenge is how we get t..."
"Reviews have a fun factor now. People like using Cornerstone. It’s simple, it’s not scary, and they d..."
"Cornerstone’s solutions have improved the competitiveness of our staff by providing a simple but effe..."
"The first place Cornerstone Selection helps is by making sure the candidate and Harte-Hanks are a goo..."
"The manual labor being done to gather and roll up local succession plans was beyond comprehension. No..."
"Our time-to-fill has gone from 120 days to 50-70 days. With Cornerstone Recruiting, we can react much..."
"Our employees love the interface and how easy it is to be ready for their discussions with managers...."
"Just two years after launching the Cornerstone Extended Enterprise Cloud, ABA has achieved completion..."
"We wanted to make it a one-stop shop for users. Nothing integrated as well with Salesforce as Corners..."
"Cornerstone’s technology has really opened the door in helping us to directly engage employees and le..."
"In education, our turnover rate as an industry is pretty high. Developing the employee and working to..."
"Cornerstone was also flexible enough to adapt to our needs and fully support the employee led approa..."
"Cornerstone has been instrumental in helping us gear our learning curriculum to what our people want..."
"Coworkers engage in self-directed learning on their own schedules...."
"Cornerstone ensures that employees see the value in themselves...."

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