"Our customer satisfaction survey is incredibly important to us as we regularly use it to identify any..."
Phillip Venn
Managing Director, Liquid Friday
"With Clicktools, we can capture and respond to customer information in very sophisticated ways...."
Gareth Rogann
"We were able to reinforce our relationship with our vendors while exceeding our own expectations for..."
Greg Malpass
CEO, Traction
"Using Clicktools we have been able to develop a true life cycle approach to measure and improve our..."
Jeanne Abmayr
Relationship Marketing Manager
"We looked at all the major survey solution providers, and Clicktools offered the best solution to mee..."
Marilyn Otto
Vice President of Customer Experience, PBBI
"The unique feature that makes Clicktools our product of choice is it's seamless integration with Sale..."
Raj Bansal
Senior Director, Global CRM
"We get our survey results back so much faster now. Clicktools has seriously increased our overall eff..."
Nuala Ryan
Senior Director, Feasibility and Site Evaluation, ICON
"Clicktools is the best surveying app for companies using Salesforce...."
David Ciccarelli
"We could have developed our own solution, but when we discovered Clicktools, we realized that would b..."
Richard Pomeroy
Project Manager, Liquid Friday
"The selection process took longer than the implementation process. We were up and running with Clickt..."
Doug Adams
Senior Vice President, Engineering, FusionStorm
"Our IT team didn’t have time to build surveys for every department and keep up with other responsibil..."
Scott Mortimer
IT Business Solutions Analyst
"Clicktools allowed us to expedite the data collection and analysis of our survey, and effectively man..."
Jonathan Staley
Product Marketing Manager
"The 1 benefit of Clicktools has to be the scale of client feedback and interviewing that it allows us..."
Gary Hull
Proposition Design Manager
"We were able to publish a communication to our employees based on their survey feedback saying 'This..."
Debbie Hughes
Yorkshire Building Society
"The SURVE customer satisfaction survey gives us a better understanding of our customers and their lik..."
Elizabeth Parker
Call Agent, Vaillant Group UK
"We are always looking for ways to use technology to make things smoother and appear more seamless to..."
Gordon Brode
Director of Operations Strategy

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