"We are extremely pleased with the occupancy results. We look forward to forging a strong working rela..."
Michael Tozzi
Advertising Manager
"The execution of the DMA-wide Outdoor program has piqued the interest in the medium among Milwaukee T..."
David Flockencier
Media Director
"We are very fortunate to have Clear Channel as a friend of the Scouting program. Like many other non-..."
Jason Volz
Marketing and Development Director
"In addition to anecdotal mentions of the visibility of the billboard, We tracked 100 direct responses..."
Daniel Riddick
Director of Communications
"Kemps has used outdoor advertising in the Twin Cities for over 20 years. Consumers play back strong u..."
Rachel Kyllo
Vice President Marketing
"We have been advertising with Clear Channel Outdoor for years and are very happy with their service...."
Karen Fostervold
Marketing & Advertising
"Working with Clear Channel Digital Outdoor was a pleasure - from their highly collaborative approach..."
Evan Cross
Director Shopper Marketing, Target Team
"The billboards we put up advertising our responsible banking practices were an incredible success. Th..."
Greg Morse
"The Clear Channel digital billboards were a great way to welcome our newest acquisitions to the Tampa..."
Brian Killingsworth
Senior Director of Marketing and Promotions
"This billboard is perfect for any business that needs to stay “up to the second” with potential custo..."
Bobby Foster
Director of Marketing
"Overall it was a successful campaign that benefited the center and hospital...."
Meagan Lurcott
Marketing Coordinator
"The billboard program was the backbone of our open house campaign. Without this media partner we woul..."
Jim Stumme
Marketing & Public Relations Director
"Edina Realty is known as a leader in technology. The fact that these boards are digital and new to ma..."
Lynn Clare
VP Marketing
"Ourselves and our client were very pleased with both the initial results as well as the process and r..."
Heidi Froseth
Vice President, RPM Connect
"We have advertised in the past in newspaper, radio, direct mail, and we were never sure how effective..."
LeAnn Geisler
Owner/General Manager
"It was a great success! We definitely had a lot of customers comment on the boards. We even sold out..."
Steve Negaard

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