"I came to the decision on choosing BrightEdge because of their patented technology and the informatio..."
Jolene Pierangeli
Assoc Director Digital Marketing
"BrightEdge has been really instrumental with their client services group actively informing me of wha..."
Kevin Hill
VP, eCommerce & Technology
"BrightEdge has really helped me elevate the SEO program at Schneider Electric to generate not just ad..."
David Fisher
Global Search Manager
"Get the right tools in place…it makes a difference and helps you make informed decisions...."
Dawna Olsen
"BrightEdge has the technology and the day to day people that stand behind the technology and work wit..."
Andrew Taylor
Search Marketing Manager
"Educating the franchisees on SEO was a huge challenge. I made training videos on how to use the repor..."
Danielle Yuthas
Senior Digital Specialist
"BrightEdge StoryBuilder helps us drive SEO support throughout the company by painting the picture of..."
Jeanne Quach
Maxim Integrated
"BrightEdge Opportunity Forecasting has been dead on. We have beat every goal we set two years runnin..."
Kerri Phillips
Digital Marketing Manager
"More than just a search marketing platform. BrightEdge is intrinsic to our clients' SEO success and O..."
Jeff Selig
Vice President Search
"BrightEdge was instrumental both in identifying this opportunity and measuring the impact of our opti..."
BJ Bellamy
SEO Lead
"Digital marketing has become very complex from opportunity identification through content creation to..."
Eugene Feygin
"It’s incredible that since the technical elements are resolved the amount of growth the domain is see..."
Ty Kiisel
"BrightEdge helps us identify valuable topics to build content mapped to our customer journey...."
Carrie Unkel
Director of Web Strategies
"BrightEdge actually helps us in quite a few ways. They help us with new clients, save existing client..."
Steve Krull
Cofounder and CEO
"BrightEdge Intent Signal is a huge time saver for us. Within minutes, you can identify the organic ra..."
"The insight BrightEdge brings is absolutely invaluable it makes my job more efficient, it gives me th..."
Heather Fernandez
Senior Strategist, SEO

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