"BrightEdge has really helped me elevate the SEO program at Schneider Electric to generate not just ad..."
David Fisher
Global Search Manager
"We are able to learn what is working for us as well as our competitors and optimize around the Bright..."
Paul Taylor
SEO Manager
"For anybody that's considering BrightEdge, anybody that's thinking about it, it's definitely worth th..."
Ralph Miller
Marketing Manager
"And ultimately it is about performance. The C-suite is incredibly busy and so if you can’t succinctly..."
Michael Thomas
CMO, Noble Studios
"BrightEdge made it so simple to track our keyword improvements over time as well as tracking what pag..."
Christopher Birkholm
Senior Manager, Marketing Digital River
"BrightEdge helps us to discover opportunities that are hidden just beneath the surface...."
Natalie Skarzynski
Astute Solutions
"BrightEdge makes it easy to optimize client sites to increase results. We are able to provide actiona..."
Denise Maling
Executive VP
"BrightEdge has given us a huge amount of help with winning new business from cooperative selling to a..."
Richard Kirk
SEO Vice President
"Our SEO program received the kickstart it needed, since bringing BrightEdge on about a year and half..."
Brandon Zemen
SEO Lead
"BrightEdge Opportunity Forecasting has been dead on. We have beat every goal we set two years runnin..."
Kerri Phillips
Digital Marketing Manager
"More than just a search marketing platform. BrightEdge is intrinsic to our clients' SEO success and O..."
Jeff Selig
Vice President Search
"We've seen a 25% year-over-year increase in lead volume from SEO and could not be happier with Wpromo..."
Cedric Tuck- Sherman
VP of Marketing
"We use BrightEdge to layer in social data with our page data, with keyword data, with competitive dat..."
Jason Stevens
Director, SEO
"Utilizing Brightedge's Data Cube to discover keyword trends can make a huge difference in generating..."
Jonny Waite
SEO Supervisor
"BrightEdge helps us identify valuable topics to build content mapped to our customer journey...."
Carrie Unkel
Director of Web Strategies
"BrightEdge very much improved the performance for our clients. We’ve had a better level of keyword ta..."
Matt Brown
Head of Media

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