"A majority of our riders are young people, between 18 and 30 years old, who start using Uber because..."
Krzysiek Radoszewski
Marketing Manager
"First of all, you need to remember why your brand is on Twitter? We are there for people not the othe..."
Sławomir Kochański
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Sony Computer Entertainment Polska
"We rely heavily on great tools. One of these is Brand24. We’ve been using it since the Beta and shari..."
Anthony Thompson
"I have been working with Brand24 since their Beta version and I continue to recommend their platform..."
Patricia Cunningham
Account Manager
"It’s awesome that you can have Brand24 without any long-term contract. Monthly subscription is a grea..."
Satoria Group
"We were actively monitoring how the world reacts to the rebranding. The most valuable pieces of conte..."
Foszer Sawicki
"We easily closed the first $2,5k deal already durning the first month of using Brand24...."
Monika Loryńska
Pixel PR

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