"Our customer experience standards are very high. We use BirdEye on a daily basis to manage our operat..."
Jim Mizes
President and COO
"The technicians have improved their performance because they want higher ratings. This system has mad..."
Dustin Kleeman
Public Relations
"We've doubled our monthly new client appointments, all thanks to Webchat. The ability to reach out to..."
Jason Hartline
Marketing Consultant
"BirdEye has really helped us tighten the feedback loop between what patients are saying about us and..."
Kyle Hollinger
VP Media Development
"My gross was at $700,000 and the next year I’m up at $750,000, then more than $800,000. The only thin..."
Dennis Brender
Treaty Oak Dental
"BirdEye makes our PPC campaigns more efficient and puts us in a better light when people are just sea..."
Todd Boak
SVP Marketing and Communications
"BirdEye has greatly increased the amount of reviews we receive from our patients. Our Google reviews..."
Todd Stebel
"BirdEye provides an an easy, user-friendly review process. I’m certain the only reason I have all the..."
Rani Alfers
"Patients are those who already see you in the office, you are looking to attract people who have neve..."
Leonard Tau
Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence
"The internet grows more and more every day. It gives people access to each other that we’ve never had..."
Chelsea Creekmore
"BirdEye is a positive experience for our customers and us and it’s a profitable way to get our positi..."
Kathlyn Smith
Owner & Responsible Master Plumber
"BirdEye provides exactly what small businesses need - an automated software to collect and promote re..."
Lacey Summers
Bella Casa Group
"It is by far the best money you can spend for getting the word out about your business/practice...."
Don Deems
Cantrell West Dental
"Our online reviews have increased exponentially! And as a result, we are getting more business becaus..."
Gina Svendsen
Director of Marketing
"We have been THRILLED with every aspect of our interaction and dealings with Birdeye. Our office has..."
Stephen Heney
"BirdEye is a great product and company. They are always looking to expand and iterate on their platfo..."
Taryn Austgen
Marketing and Public Relations Manager

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