"Our customer experience standards are very high. We use BirdEye on a daily basis to manage our operat..."
Jim Mizes
President and COO
"We will continue to use BirdEye to fulfill our mission to provide the most outstanding service and ef..."
Ernest Medina
VP of Marketing
"We look for innovative ways to connect directly with our patients and gather real-time feedback...."
"The technicians have improved their performance because they want higher ratings. This system has mad..."
Dustin Kleeman
Public Relations
"People come in because of reviews. I’ve had 5x more business in 3 years due to BirdEye...."
Raj Patel
Attorney and Owner
"Every person who’s using the platform, from diner level manager to district or regional or VP, has th..."
Denise D’Amico Johnson
Communications Manager
"Being able to send email and text review requests have allowed us to reach more people. We also have..."
René Fielder
Chief Marketing Officer
"The internet grows more and more every day. It gives people access to each other that we’ve never had..."
Chelsea Creekmore
"Our online reviews have increased exponentially! And as a result, we are getting more business becaus..."
Gina Svendsen
Director of Marketing
"BirdEye is great for businesses because it allows us as owners to manage and see on a daily basis how..."
Suzanne Mackin
Vice President
"I would definitely recommend BirdEye as a student communication solution. User-friendly, easy to use,..."
Charlene Talbot
Executive Director
"We love BirdEye for its customizability and ease of use. It’s easier than ever for us to get new cust..."
Robert Vigil
Production Technology Advocate
"BirdEye has been a dream to work with. I send them multiple emails with questions, concerns, and issu..."
Lindsey Julen Garcia
Communications and Social Media Manager
"Effective and achieves our corporate objective for online brand improvement. Improved brand maintenan..."
Brian Von Bergen
Head of Operations
"We had a total of 75 online reviews over 10 years averaging a 3.5 rating over all platforms. We imple..."
Chad Roylance
Vice President Operations
"Once we implemented BirdEye, I started seeing the 5 star reviews pour in. We saw our Google review av..."
Jeremiah Robinson, P.A.-C
Physician Assistant

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