"It used to take around five hours to prepare packs for a board meeting. Now it takes about 30 minutes..."
Anne Greaves
Digital Communications Officer
"As an NHS organisation, we are constantly striving to work with greater efficiency. By being the firs..."
Judith Green
Associate Director of Corporate Affairs
"No one is left in the dark, so no one is lagging behind in receiving information...."
Thayne Shaffer
Senior Vice President and Controller
"I like the drag and drop to create packets, and not needing to convert the documents. You can just dr..."
Allyson Jorgensen
Financial Accountant
"It took me no longer than 30 minutes with each board member to get them confident using Convene. Sinc..."
Danielle Moore
Director’s Secretary
"Everyone has benefitted from the move. The management team are happy, and the admin team saves a grea..."
Elaine Pitt
Assistant Company Secretary
"It supports an impressive array of devices and platforms (though users on some devices can only atten..."
Liz Sunter
"Easily one of the best mobile, paperless boardroom applications that makes mobile meetings a breeze i..."
"You can update meeting documents instantly without having to send out revised copies to everyone each..."
Vivian Wagner
AMEX Open Forum
"(Convene is) very simple and easy to use from both the admin side and the app side. I’ve also found A..."
Sophia Swain
Enterprise Architect
"Convene is a hidden gem. It has as rich features, aesthetics, and intuitive interface as BoardVantage..."
Sara E Lugo-Cardoza
Founder and President
"(It) was quite interesting to see how it (Convene) looked on screen and find it impressive that acros..."
Suzie Greenop
Company Secretarial Assistant
"The software has clearly set out sections, is easy and intuitive to use, has very informative user gu..."
Lynn Howells
Governance Officer
"We started using Convene for our weekly executive team meetings about a year ago, and it’s gone reall..."
David Wingham
Director of Corporate Services
"Without a doubt, the board members had fun and enjoyed using Convene and it was helpful to the meetin..."
Ian Lindgren
Chief Executive Officer
"We need to make sure that when we’re storing or sharing information that it’s done as securely as pos..."
Nigel Foxon-Hale
Senior Administrator

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